10 VoIP Selling Points

voipEveryone knows the benefits of VoIP and cloud services, right? It practically sells itself – save money, save time, keep up with the latest trend. But is that all there is to VoIP?

With nearly infinite features and almost as many ways to add value, VoIP is worth much more than most think. Try using some of the following features and values to market VoIP in a bigger and better way.

  1. All Calls are Local
    VoIP allows users to generate local numbers for anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need for expensive Toll Free numbers and makes customers feel closer to the company.
  2. CDR
    Call Detail Records are elaborate and complete with VoIP. Everything is recorded and saved, from call logs to chat history to bandwidth usage. This benefits both users and IT that monitor and maintain the system. With VoIP, CDR can even be customized.
  3. Conferencing
    VoIP permits inexpensive, easy, and efficient conferencing. Whether a spontaneous conference call or a weekly video conference, VoIP softphones makes it user-friendly and simple. gloCOM lets users start conferences by simply dragging contacts into a call.
  4. File & Screen Sharing
    Most VoIP solutions make it easy to share files or even screen share between contacts. It is quicker than emailing files or using third party software. File share and screen share can be done with the click of a button on gloCOM.
  5. FoIP
    While fax may seem like a thing of the past, most businesses are still paying for a fax line out of obligation or habit. Fax Over IP (FoIP) eliminates the cost and delivers faxes straight to your email inbox. Click to learn more about The Value of FoIP.
  6. High Definition Audio
    HD audio ensures crystal clear communication for the most important calls. From big sales pitches to important conference calls to custom support, HD audio is the next best thing to a real conversation.
  7. Long Distance Calls
    VoIP eliminates geographic cost disparities and saves on long distance calls. The ability to call for ‘free’ via cloud services encourages users to pick up the phone more often and communicate quickly and efficiently to all parts of the world.
  8. Mobility
    In a world of smart phones, tablets, and BYOD, mobility is crucial in the workplace. VoIP seamlessly integrates with mobile devices through call forwarding or apps, making communication possible any time, anywhere. gloCOM Mobile softphone is coming soon!
  9. Recording
    The ability to record calls is native to most VoIP phones and is an immensely useful tool for busy and preoccupied users. Record sales calls, training sessions, or any other important calls and come back to listen again later.
  10. Voicemail
    VoIP Voicemail saves time and cuts down on stress by delivering voicemail alerts and MP3 files directly to the user’s email. The file can be accessed from anywhere and can be quickly forwarded or deleted.

What are your favorite VoIP features and selling points? We’d love to hear from you in our discussion over on LinkedIn!

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5 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

customer loyaltyToday’s most successful telecoms are gaining a competitive edge by keeping their customers for longer.

We all know the challenge of making sales and the frustration of losing customers after all that hard work. Not to mention the loss of profit, ruined reputation, and cost of remarketing that can result from customer churn.

To directly address this challenge, Bicom Systems created a video presentation with 5 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty.

Learn more and watch the presentation at www.bicomsystems.com/customer-loyalty

Are All Prospects Worth the Sales Pitch?

sales pitchThe short answer: Yes.

Anyone in telecom sales knows the importance of prioritizing leads and allocating your time wisely. Of course there will always be prospects that are clearly worth extra attention and time. But no prospect should be ignored if you are still interested in growing.

The reasons are obvious: you never know who will surprise you, ignoring a lead may hurt your brand image, etc. But we have a prime example of the value of every lead.

A few days ago we were contacted by a company that wanted our gloCOM unified communications softphone app. They already had an Asterisk-based PBX system and were not interested in making any changes. They just needed that one last piece to tie the whole solution together.

Rather than writing them off as satisfied with another provider, the assigned Account Manager started a conversation to see where it went. In just 15 minutes the contact had become interested in our philosophy of “all the pieces” and signed-up to test Multi-Tenant PBX.

Moral of the story: Even a prospect that is 100% satisfied with their current provider can be swayed with even a short, open conversation.

So the answer is yes, ALL prospects are worth the sales pitch.

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Business & Social Media

As social media becomes increasingly predominant in day-to-day life, now is the time for businesses to begin taking advantage of this often underused platform.

business social mediaWith vast audiences that dedicate time and attention on a daily basis, social media gives businesses a unique opportunity to connect with customers.

Businesses of any size need to become more strategic and direct with social media marketing campaigns.

Wondering what to do now? Here are a few ways to get started:

Find your audience

Determine where your target audience spends its time on social media. Find out what platforms they use, what they do on those platforms, where they spend the most amount of time, etc.

Create a plan

Don’t dive into social media without giving it some thought first. Whether that’s creating a team dedicated to social media or purchasing a software that will bring all social media into one simple interface, organization will help.

Take advantage of options for business

Most social media platforms offer paid options for businesses. These will be much more effective than simply joining as any other users. For example, paid advertisements on Facebook will get more attention than a user profile. The investment will be worth it.

Get creative

Social media is no place for business jargon or paragraphs of boring text. Engage customers by getting creative with images, stories, or special deals. Social media gives business a unique opportunity to interact with customers personally.

Measure results

Similar to creating a plan, it will do no good to jump right in to social media without having a way to measure the results. Whether through trackable URLs or tools built-in to the platform itself, any successful social media campaign will track results and make changes accordingly.

5 Steps Toward VoIP

voip systemSooner or later, most companies will be ready for a new Communications System. Whether the company needs more features, is trying to cut costs, or wants to expand, a VoIP System is likely the best solution. Ziff Davis brings us 5 Steps to VoIP.

  1. Set Goals

    The first step is defining goals that fit your business and budget. This may be done in-house or done with a consultant or advisor.

  2. Set Expectations

    In addition to goals, your company needs to think about what it wants from the VoIP solution. Consider who will use the system and what features would benefit them.

  3. Define a Successful Deployment Plan

    Once your goals and expectations are defined, you can create a plan of action. Set a timeline and ensure that the entire team is on board.

  4. Choose a Method of Ongoing Operations

    Once the VoIP system is in place, you will need a plan for maintenance, back-up, disaster recovery, etc. Determine whether this will be done in-house or outsourced to a different company.

  5. Choose a Method of Support

    Finally, consider support options for your system and your users. This could be a full-time internal employee or outsourced to an external party.

These five steps will ensure a smooth transition to a VoIP System and guarantee maximum benefits from the move.