Jump into the UCaaS Market this Fall at TelcoFest

UCaaSThe UCaaS market is projected to grow in North America at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of between 25 to 30 percent until 2020, with a total user base rising from 11.6M (2016) to over 27M by 2020. Barriers to entry into this market have been set exceedingly high, but our latest releases are designed to support your transition into this lucrative market.

Join us for lunch this September or October as we travel across the country giving presentations on the newest Cloud UC technologies, services, and strategies to help your business establish a presence in the UCaaS market and offer services that customers are increasingly demanding.

From coast to coast we will hit 17 different locations during TelcoFest, including WISPAPALOOZA and AstriCon, click here to find a local venue near you and connect with us.

Bicom Systems, with over 15 years of experience delivering success, has developed a formula to increase revenue, profits, and customer satisfaction by:

  • Adding more value to existing solutions by merging multiple technologies like Unified Communications, Key Systems, the Cloud, and more into one stable, marketable product.
  • Reducing customer churn by stimulating long-term commitment, nourishing partners even after the sale, and constantly innovating upgrades & custom solutions based on the newest technology.
  • Future proofing your business by keeping pace with industry trends with a team of dedicated account managers, technical support engineers, telecom experts, and marketing professionals.

Learn more about TelcoFest here and join us at an event near you!

Delta Air Lines Cancellations and Dual Site Redundancy

dual site redundancyYou have probably heard about the Delta Air Lines flight cancellations; some of you have probably even been affected by it. Now at about 1,000 cancelled flights worldwide, Delta could have avoided this with Dual Site Redundancy.

Reportedly, it was a computer outage that interfered with Delta’s communication and booking systems. If they had a secondary site, they could have immediately switched to the back-up without canceling a single flight.

This is a good reminder about the importance of Dual Site Redundancy. If you are concerned about this and want to prepare your company, contact us today!

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Elektrijada Students & Bicom Systems

elektrijadaElektrijada is a prestigious competition for electrical engineering students in Europe. As the “single biggest yearly assembly of electrical engineering students in Europe”, Bicom Systems wanted to get involved and support the future entrepreneurs of our industry. (Read more about Elektrijada here.)

We began sponsoring and training several students a year ago and are excited as their competition approaches.

On May 12-17 they will compete at the event in the field of programming. This year, the event will be held in Italy at the Rimini summer resort.

Some of the goals of Elektrijada are to “promote networking between students” and to “discover the future engineers”, activities that Bicom Systems is excited to support.

Other sponsors of our students are Marvelsoft, Elsta Mosdorfer, H&H Inc., Softatec, Umel Dalekovodmontaza, dccs, Leftor, Source Code d.o.o., codeNest, and Babilon.

Check back here after the competition to hear how it went for our students!