Are All Prospects Worth the Sales Pitch?

sales pitchThe short answer: Yes.

Anyone in telecom sales knows the importance of prioritizing leads and allocating your time wisely. Of course there will always be prospects that are clearly worth extra attention and time. But no prospect should be ignored if you are still interested in growing.

The reasons are obvious: you never know who will surprise you, ignoring a lead may hurt your brand image, etc. But we have a prime example of the value of every lead.

A few days ago we were contacted by a company that wanted our gloCOM unified communications softphone app. They already had an Asterisk-based PBX system and were not interested in making any changes. They just needed that one last piece to tie the whole solution together.

Rather than writing them off as satisfied with another provider, the assigned Account Manager started a conversation to see where it went. In just 15 minutes the contact had become interested in our philosophy of “all the pieces” and signed-up to test Multi-Tenant PBX.

Moral of the story: Even a prospect that is 100% satisfied with their current provider can be swayed with even a short, open conversation.

So the answer is yes, ALL prospects are worth the sales pitch.

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Microsoft Lync Integration

microsoft lync integrationDid you know that PBXware supports Microsoft Lync Integration? And in answer to a recent customer question – yes, even for Lync Server 2013!

Once integrated, you have a few options:

  • Set up PBXware to forward incoming calls to a given extension to a Lync extension simultaneously or after a set number of rings.
  • Send all incoming PBXware calls to Microsoft Lync simultaneously.

Of course this is not without a few inconveniences. For example, a call answered on Lync will leave a ‘Missed Call’ notification on the PBXware extension where it rang. Also, Caller ID is different in PBXware and Microsoft Lync.

Ready to get started? Contact your Account Manager today!

Custom Work: IMAP Syncing

imap voicemailAsterisk IMAP Voicemail system too slow? Not a problem!

Our custom workaround speeds things up with one way syncing between the IMAP mailbox and telephone system.

In this solution, voicemails are stored on the file system and monitored for deleted folders or voicemails. As soon as a voicemail is deleted from the email account, it is also deleted from the file system.

Custom Work: Asterisk Conferencing

asterisk conferencingIn response to an Asterisk conferencing bug at S-Net Communications in Chicago, we developed a custom conferencing solution.

Due to a lack of functionality, S-Net was unable to jump from Asterisk 1.8 to Asterisk 11. We developed a backport of functionality of ConfBridge in order to fix this issue.

This custom solution was developed for S-Net but can be repeated for anyone else that needs it.

How Bicom Systems uses Asterisk Manager

We sometimes hear that our customers are using Asterisk Manager and always advise against it. Among other things, Asterisk Manager is not scalable.

Bicom Systems recommends using our own PBXware Proxy for a few reasons…

  • PBXware Proxy stores the Asterisk state in memcached in real time, so there is no need to ‘ask’ Asterisk anything when a client connects
  • Licensing can be done in PBXware Proxy
  • gloCOM depends on PBXware Proxy for many of its features
  • PBXware Proxy provides FULL PBX access
  • Multi-Tenancy

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