We recently received an email from a client that uses Manager heavily and gets a “We can’t support direct access to Manager Interface” message. They want to reduce the direct impact on the Manager Interface and reduce data flowing to clients. So they asked about implementing AstManProxy.

We told the client that they could try AstManProxy first, but also offered the following alternative with Manager Event filters.

Copy/paste from manager.conf.sample:

;eventfilter=Event: Newchannel
;eventfilter=!Channel: DAHDI.*
; The eventfilter option is used to whitelist or blacklist events per user.
; A filter consists of a (basic/old-style and unanchored) regular expression ; that is run on the entire event data. If the first character of the filter ; is an exclamation mark (!), the filter is appended to the blacklist instead ; of the whitelist. After first checking the read access below, the regular ; expression filters are processed as follows:
; – If no filters are configured all events are reported as normal.
; – If there are white filters only: implied black all filter processed first, ; then white filters.
; – If there are black filters only: implied white all filter processed first, ; then black filters.
; – If there are both white and black filters: implied black all filter processed ; first, then white filters, and lastly black filters.

So basically remove all Events that you think are redundant.
Here are the ones we would remove:
eventfilter=!Event: RTCPSent
eventfilter=!Event: RTCPReceived
eventfilter=!Event: VarSet

We look forward to hearing from our client and anyone else that tests AstManProxy with PBXware.


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