Case Studies


Network Technology Solutions
Learn how one VAR-turned-MSP is better supporting their customers with a true Multi-Tenant functionality and feature-rich PBXware.

5 Star Communications
5 Star Communications is a Telecommunications Services Provider that found a reliable product they could sell in PBXware.

Southern Ohio Communication Services (SOCS)
SOCS is an Internet and Communications provider based in Ohio that uses Multi-Tenant PBX to reach a wider range of customers.

TecInfo Communications
TecInfo Communications is a voice, data and Internet provider that uses PBXware to sell more product at a better price margin.

Virtual Computing
This ICT Service Provider used PBXware in the Cloud to save time, meet budget, enter new markets, and boost customer loyalty.

Arif Hamirani runs NetRescue in Atlanta and finally broke free after more than 10 years of making-do as a 3CX dealer.

STL is an MSP that added new features, more extensions, and impressive connectivity with PBXware and gloCOM.

Next Generation
John Tinning runs Next Generation Associates and finally broke free after more than 10 years of jumping through hoops as a 3CX dealer.

The Maynard Group
The Maynard Group is a Californian Telephony Provider that expanded their solution to the Cloud by partnering with Bicom and PBXware.

Fusion Networks, New York
Fusion Networks is a fast-growing Internet and Voice Services Provider based in New York.

Junction Connections, Delaware
Junction Cloud Connections provides business-class VoIP and IP PBX services by using Bicom Systems software.

Centracom, South Africa
Centracom is a leading ICT Provider in South Africa that uses Bicom Systems Multi-Tenant and Call Center editions of PBXware.

The NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory uses PBXware and gloCOM for seamless communication throughout the Laboratory.

Dell Global streamlines its Communication System with a flexible and highly scalable solution from Vence System and Bicom.

S-NET Telecom, Illinois
S-NET Telecom provides communication services to SMBs, governments, and enterprises in Illinois using PBXware Multi-Tenant Edition.

bluBlob, Australia
bluBlob is an Australian Company that supplies and supports Hosted Telephony Solutions.

Entrust ICT, Australia
Entrust ICT is an Australian company that provides wholesale information and communication technology solutions. Since moving to PBXware, Entrust is able to target its customers, particularly SMBs, with a more compelling solution.

IS Technologies
IS Technologies is a Service Provider that focuses on SMBs and uses PBXware MT for rapid and consistent growth.

WiLogic, California
WiLogic is a Business Service Provider that uses PBXware to offer a more feature-rich solution.

Genetsis, Spain
Genetsis is an ISP in Spain that offers Advanced VoIP services using PBXware and TELCOware.

PSIS, Netherlands
PSIS provides IT and Telecom Solutions, including ‘virtual offices’, to small and medium-sized businesses in the Netherlands using Multi-Tenant PBX.

Ideacom Mid-America, Minneapolis
Ideacom Mid-America is a communications provider based in Minneapolis that serves its customers using PBXware.

Apio Technologies, Colombia
Apio Technologies is a Colombian company that offers the latest Information & Communication Technology to companies of all sizes, including the Colombia National Lottery, using SWITCHware Call Shop Edition.

Wateen Telecom, Pakistan
Wateen Telecom is a Service Provider in Pakistan that used PBXware to create a custom telephony solution for a prison.

Republic Solutions, Dominican Republic
REPSOL is a communications service provider that utilizes PBXware to serve companies like KFC in the Dominican Republic.

Voxia, Israel
Voxia Limited is a Communications Solutions Provider based in Israel that uses PBXware Business Edition to serve their customers.

ISAEUS, Netherlands
ISAEUS Communications is a full-service, licensed VoIP operator in the Netherlands that saves time and money by partnering with Bicom Systems.

S-NET Telecom, Illinois
S-NET Telecom used PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX to serve an important End User in Chicago.

Islamic Relief, UK
Islamic Relief is an international aid and development charity, which aims to alleviate the suffering of the world’s poorest people.

Legal Aid Ontario, Canada
Legal Aid Ontario is a non-profit corporation that administers legal aid using Bicom Systems telephony.

Children First, Florida
Children First is a non-profit organization that helps low-income children and utilizes Bicom Systems PBXware.

Airbus Defence & Space
Airbus Defence & Space uses Bicom Systems PBXware MT for a reliable communications solution that works even in remote locations.

PayLane Limited, UK
PayLane limited is an online payment processing solution provider that uses Bicom Systems as its telephony base.

RHG, Australia
RHG is one of Australia’s largest Home Finance Groups, serving customers with Bicom Systems PBXware Call Center PBX.

Ouagadougou International Airport
Ouagadougou International Airport uses the Bicom Systems telephony system to serve the capital of Burkina-Faso, West Africa.

KFC, Dominican Republic
KFC is a popular chain restaurant in the Dominican Republic and around the world that uses Bicom Systems‘ PBXware Call Center and Business editions to manage all calls and delivery orders.

11890, Ireland
11890 is a directory inquiry service center in Ireland that uses Bicom Systems PBXware Call Center edition to manage their calls.

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia
The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University depends on Bicom Systems to provide communication services to an important research ship.

SENASA, Republica Dominicana
SENASA – “Seguro Nacional de Salud” or National Health Insurance – is one of the Dominican Republic’s major health insurance providers. Thanks to Bicom Systems’ Call Center PBX and distributor Hitec, SENASA is now moving forward with a new communications system.

Necor, Zambia
Necor Zambia Limited caters to customers in Zambia, one of which is the Electoral Commission, using PBXware Call Center PBX. Read the full case study here.