SIPProt vs. Fail2Ban Comparison

  • SIPProt analyzes live SIP traffic, Fail2Ban analyzes log files.
  • SIPProt, unlike Fail2Ban, directly analyzes SIP traffic. In case an attack is recognized, Sipprot blocks the IP from where the attack is coming for a given period of time.
  • SIPProt works with live traffic. Fail2Ban uses an Asterisk log file to detect attacks.
  • In the case of a massive brute force attack, Asterisk will be busy responding to incoming SIP traffic which will probably result in massive CPU usage. In this situation Fail2Ban will block the attack only after Asterisk writes a message in the log file. So the attack will not be detected and blocked the moment it starts. During this period Asterisk will probably be unavailable for regular SIP clients. Because SIPProt analyzes live SIP traffic, SIPProt is able to block the attack immediately when detected. SIPProt will not wait for Asterisk to block the attack.


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