Keeping Up With the Market

As new technology hits the market every year, month, even day, older office equipment and tools are becoming a thing of the past. Things like desk phones, tape recorders, and fax machines are sitting on shelves accumulating dust.

According to a survey done be LinkedIn, the top ten items that are becoming a thing of the past are:

  1. Tape recorders (79%)
  2. Fax machines (71%)
  3. The Rolodex (58%)
  4. Standard working hours (57%)
  5. Desk phones (35%)
  6. Desktop computers (34%)
  7. Formal business attire like suits, ties, pantyhose, etc. (27%)
  8. The corner office for managers/executives (21%)
  9. Cubicles (19%)
  10. USB thumb drives (17%)


As bulky equipment and old tools disappear from the work field, you can turn to Bicom Systems to get up-to-date solutions and keep up with the rest.

We offer things like PBXware – an open standards turnkey telephony platform that can operate as a hosted solution entirely in the cloud, gloCOM – a desktop application that unites and enhances communication and can be used on nearly any electronic device, and many other options found on our website.

Don’t continue using antiquated items and falling behind the competition, contact Bicom Systems today to begin using the most modern technology on the market.


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