Crib Sheet: Multi-Tenant & TELCOware

The following is a Multi-Tenant and TELCOware Crib Sheet.


  • Is this a start-up operation that is trying its feet in the water or are you looking to grow rapidly?
  • or are you an existing operation with an existing distribution base that you need to take on rapidly?
  • How many users were you looking to start with? and over 6 months?
  • Are you looking to host your systems or own it yourself?

Core System

  • Do you need redundancy?
  • Would you prefer to use your own hardware or a bench-marked appliance?
  • Do you need Telephony Billing – the rating of CDRs?
  • Any special features needed?
  • What does you next customer want most?


  • Do you wish to start with a minimum of investment? or have the necessary set-up for rapid growth?
  • Are you looking for automated provisioning, invoicing and payments?
  • Who is your payment gateway service provider?

Software Localization

  • Does the software need to be in a language other than English?

Marketing Materials

  • Do you have .pdf or videos by way of marketing materials?


  • What are you plans for mobile integration?
  • What are your priorities when choosing a system?
  • Point of Entry Price?
  • Redundancy?
  • Scalability?
  • Support Availability?
  • Futureproof of investment?
  • Features & Functions?
  • Flexibility for Custom Development?
  • Account Management Structure to assist in good advice & decisions?
  • Marketing Materials to assist in rapid entry to market?
Feel free to get started by checking out our PBXware Multi-Tenant PBX edition or our TELCOware software.
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