SIP Attack Protection

Recently we’ve been hearing of several hacks and attacks on 4PSA VoIPNow. It’s a worst nightmare come true for some users.

sip attack protection

In one example a hacker managed to make €80,000 worth of calls before being caught! This user had no idea that VoIPNow was experiencing security vulnerabilities.

Another user did not experience an attack, but was kind enough to share some light on the situation.

These attacks are sure to cause financial loss, service downtime, password theft, and more.

Want to avoid being the next victim?

SipPROT is an extremely effective telephony app that provides real-time protection from SIP attacks.

Unlike the competition, sipPROT works with LIVE traffic, dynamically blocking and unblocking IP addresses that threaten the system.

SipPROT utilizes pattern recognition, brute force detection, and SIP protocol anomaly detection to detect all attacks.

Start using sipPROT today to protect your network, resources, and customers!

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