Still have a Nortel System?

If your company still has a Nortel system such as the Meridian or the B200, it is long overdue for an upgrade. With Nortel out of the picture and Avaya’s future looking uncertain, now is the time to take your company forward with a new telephony system.

Whether you are hesitant to leave behind your pricey PBX or anxious to try something new, moving to a VoIP system will have a positive impact on any company or organization.

Nortel systems were well built and long lasting, but the world of telephony has evolved into something entirely new and different. Gone are the days of expensive hardware and physical telephony systems. VoIP, based on software and data, boasts many advantages.

From increased productivity to economic savings, VoIP will not disappoint. Ready to get started? Sign up for a free account and take the first step beyond Nortel.

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