4 Ways VoIP Wins More Customers

voipThe benefits of VoIP are abundant and we have discussed them countless times before. IT Toolbox shared a few more benefits with a unique focus – winning new customers. We thought they were worth sharing here:

1. Toll-Free Numbers – Calling may be the first point-of-contact for many of your prospective customers, so make a good first impression by making the call free. VoIP supports toll-free numbers less expensively than PSTN.

2. Messages-On-Hold – We try to avoid placing customers on hold at all costs, but sometimes it is inevitable. Make the most of hold times by playing advertisements for your products or latest promos rather than music.

3. Custom Auto-Attendant – VoIP Auto-Attendant can do so much more than simply answer calls. Customize your Auto-Attendant to interact with the caller and direct calls more efficiently and quickly.

4. Click-to-Call Services – Placing a click-to-call number on your website, promotional emails, social media, and all other online presences makes it simple and easy for prospects to call as soon as their interest is piqued.

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VoIP & Customer Experience

voipThe most important component of any business is its customers. If you have no customers, you have no business. Therefore it is essential to keep a constant focus on customer support and experience.

One strategy to cultivate a positive customer experience is implementing VoIP. VoIP can enhance customer support through tools like

  • Toll-free numbers: Less expensive with VoIP and makes your company more accessible to customers.
  • Messages-On-Hold: More useful than music-on-hold, custom messages can entertain and market to customers.
  • Auto-Attendant: Efficient and quick, an auto-attendant can direct callers to the best place with less hassle.
  • Click-to-Call: Makes it easier for prospects to call with the click of a mouse.

All of these tools and more are available with Bicom Systems. Learn more or contact us today.

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5 Benefits of VoIP for Small Business

voip businessAdding to our arsenal of VoIP benefits, VoIP News posted a list of VoIP benefits specifically for small businesses. Always a supporter of small and growing businesses, we wanted to share that list with you:

1. Automated Attendants: Saving time and increasing efficiency auto-attendants can direct callers more quickly.

2. Mobility: A good VoIP solutions can be used anywhere or from any type of device.

3. Voice-to-Text: Efficiency at its best, VoIP can transcribe voice materials like voicemail messages and deliver to email.

4. Remote Conferencing: Conferencing was changed forever by VoIP and tools like screenshare, chat, video conferencing, etc.

5. Call Analytics: CDR gives more power to small companies that want to track and analyze calling.

Learn more at IT Toolbox or get all of these tools and more from Bicom Systems.

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