Why Your Business Should Go Mobile Now

business mobileIt is hard to believe that businesses without mobility still exist in the age of smartphones. If you still need persuading that mobility is right for your business, this article is for you.

1. Customer Connection

The first reason to go mobile is that your customers are already mobile. It is rare to find an individual without a smartphone nowadays; more than likely your customers are already mobile and would expect you to be too. This may mean a mobile-friendly website, a smartphone app, or a cell phone contact number. It probably means all three and more! Meeting your customers where they are at is a timeless rule.

2. Employee Connection

Similarly, your employees are probably mobile too. Bringing mobility to work will make employees more available, connected, and motivated.

3. Global and Local Presence

While global and local presences are opposites, both can be achieved with mobility. A mobile phone gives you a local number and more personal feel right at home, but also connects you instantly and seamlessly to partners or employees across the world.

4. Productivity

Mobility adds one more option (or maybe many more!) for communication and collaboration. Employees will be more productive with a mobile option, particularly when on the road or at home.

5. Competitors

If your competitors are not already mobile, they will be soon. Mobility is just one more advantage to have, especially as it becomes an expectation of customers. Do not wait too long and miss the mobility boat – the cost could be high.

gloCOM GO is a unified communications mobile app for businesses. Learn more about its features and values or contact us today!

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7 Collaboration Tools You Should Be Using

collaborationOne of the most valuable features of Unified Communications is increased collaboration. A plethora of UC tools make collaboration possible outside the confines of an office or meeting room. Below are just a few collaboration tools you should be using

  • Presence – Colleagues can interact as if they were in a physical office when using presence.
  • Screensharing – A fast way to convey ideas and information without miscommunications or long explanations.
  • Recording – Users that miss an important call or presentation can catch-up with a recording as soon as they are available again.
  • Conferencing – One of the older tools, conferencing with unified communications can be spontaneous and quick.
  • Mobile – Most unified communications tools are now available on mobile, putting collaboration in the palm of your hand. 
  • Messaging – Instant messaging can get quick answers even when users are busy or on call.
  • Integration – Email, CRMs, and more can be integrated with unified communications to bring more tools to your fingertips.

Tools like the above can increase productivity and save time on a daily basis. Get these tools and more in an application like gloCOM.

gloCOM – What’s Not to Love?

There is no doubt that gloCOM is a favorite with our partners and clients. And it’s easy to see why – vast features that we quickly come to rely on, a simple yet powerful interface, extraordinary flexibility – what’s not to love?

We recently received emails from two separate gloCOM users that seemed worth sharing.

The first wrote to tell us that ‘gloCOM’ has become a verb within his company. For example, “Peter, will you gloCOM me that IP address?” Before long, we’ll be in the dictionary!

The second user was testing gloCOM GO and appreciating the versatility of the app. He sent us this:

business softphone

What are you doing with gloCOM?

3 Reasons Why gloCOM Mobile Is Worth Waiting For

Are you anxiously awaiting gloCOM Mobile? You’re not alone! “When will gloCOM for mobile be ready?” is one of our most common questions – from customers and employees alike.

Our engineering team is working around the clock to have gloCOM mobile ready for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, below are just a few of the features to look forward to.

1. gloCOM mobile will automatically sync with your desktop gloCOM or IP Telephone to ensure constant connectivity, regardless of location. Calls, voicemail, and even chat will be available across your devices in real-time.

2. All of the features you have come to love on your desktop will be available in the palm of your hand. From conferences to messaging to presence, gloCOM mobile will have you covered.

3. Call quality will be outstanding. Whether in your car, a busy airport, or across the globe, gloCOM mobile will allow you to communicate as if you were in the office. And if call quality is ever any less than satisfactory, a ‘Call Back’ option will give you time to find a better connection.

Getting excited? So are we! Sign up for an account now and receive an email when gloCOM mobile is released.

4 Ways You Should Be Using Your VoIP System

business softphoneCompanies that switch to VoIP typically see positive changes immediately. From savings to employee productivity, users are rewarded fairly quickly after migrating to VoIP.

But most companies fail to take full advantage of their VoIP system even after several months. We’ll give you a jump start with these four things you should be doing with VoIP:

1. CRM Integration
gloCOM is plug-and-play ready for integration via RESTAPI with Salesforce, Sugar CRM, Bullhorn, Zendesk & ZOHO while using SOAP for MS Dynamic and plugin and MAPI for Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Exchange. It can be integrated with any CRM system via a custom solution. Integrating your VoIP system with your CRM will save time and stress by organizing contacts, calling, and reporting into one interface.

2. Remote Meetings
Do you have multiple offices? Employees that work from home? Travel often? With VoIP distance does not matter. Users across the world can be brought together in a video or voice conference. gloCOM supports drag-and-drop conferencing calling to ensure that no time is lost due to physical distance.

3. Do Not Disturb
We all know what it feels like to be focused on an important task only to be interrupted – maybe multiple times – by incoming calls. gloCOM addresses this problem with a Do Not Disturb option. When users are busy with something important they can send calls straight to voicemail or redirect them to another line. This means finishing that important task more quickly and getting back to business.

4. Mobility
gloCOM is mobile in more way than one. To start, gloCOM brings calls to your desktop computer or laptop, so you are not tied to a physical telephone. Calls can also be forwarded to your mobile device or another telephone (such as a home phone). And best of all, gloCOM Mobile for iOS and Android is coming out soon, placing your entire VoIP solution right in the palm of your hand.

So what are you waiting for? Start employing these features and reaping the benefits of VoIP now!