5 Forgotten VoIP Tools

voip toolsVoIP gives us so many features and benefits that it is easy to forget some and miss out. VoIP News reminded us of five great features that are too often forgotten.

1. Calling is not limited to the desk phone

Unlike in the past, making calls no longer means sitting at a desk with a telephone in your hand. VoIP allows users to call with soft phones on any kind of device – computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. For example, gloCOM is a business soft phone for desktop or mobile.

2. Voicemail is flexible

Similar to calling, voicemail is no longer bound to a desk phone. With VoIP, you can access voicemail from any device or even via email. Whether as an audio file or a transcript, your voicemail could be delivered to your inbox along with all your other messages.

3. Transferring is easy

Transferring calls within a VoIP system is as easy as the click of a button. Ever called one number only to be given another number to write down, verify, and then hang up and call? VoIP makes transfers to other branches, remote locations, or even mobile phones possible.

4. Surveillance and security can be incorporated

VoIP and Unified Communications can even incorporate your office security system. Rather this means checking your surveillance cameras right from your soft phone or opening a locked entrance for a visitor, VoIP has you covered.

5. Fax can be VoIP too

Finally, users too often forget that VoIP can include more than just calling. Fax over VoIP (FoIP) functions much like calling and gives you all the same benefits. Fax to email eliminates the need for a fax machine altogether.

If you’d like these features, check out gloCOM, our business soft phone that offers many of these and more!

4 Reasons Employees are More Productive with VoIP

voip productivityAmong the many benefits of VoIP for business is increased productivity. Below are just a few ways that your employees can be more productive with VoIP.

1. Unified communications

VoIP is the first step to unified communications, which streamlines user activities for improved more productivity. Applications like gloCOM bring everything together in one simple interface so users can communicate quickly and efficiently.

2. Better call routing

Another benefit of VoIP is the ability to route calls efficiently for less wasted time. Callers can be automatically routed to the right person, bypassing transfers and holds that use valuable time. Employees that are working on something else can avoid interruption.

3. Lower costs

The fact that VoIP is less expensive than legacy encourages users to make more calls, even long-distance. If employees can just pick up the phone rather than writing out an email or waiting for a schedule meeting, they will get work done more more quickly.

4. Less stress

As a result of all of the above, VoIP users are less stressed. As any supervisor knows, happy employees are productive employees. A less stressful work environment allows for maximum collaboration and productivity.

If you want more productivity in your company, contact us today!

gloCOM – What’s Not to Love?

There is no doubt that gloCOM is a favorite with our partners and clients. And it’s easy to see why – vast features that we quickly come to rely on, a simple yet powerful interface, extraordinary flexibility – what’s not to love?

We recently received emails from two separate gloCOM users that seemed worth sharing.

The first wrote to tell us that ‘gloCOM’ has become a verb within his company. For example, “Peter, will you gloCOM me that IP address?” Before long, we’ll be in the dictionary!

The second user was testing gloCOM GO and appreciating the versatility of the app. He sent us this:

business softphone

What are you doing with gloCOM?

3 Reasons Why gloCOM Mobile Is Worth Waiting For

Are you anxiously awaiting gloCOM Mobile? You’re not alone! “When will gloCOM for mobile be ready?” is one of our most common questions – from customers and employees alike.

Our engineering team is working around the clock to have gloCOM mobile ready for you as soon as possible. In the meantime, below are just a few of the features to look forward to.

1. gloCOM mobile will automatically sync with your desktop gloCOM or IP Telephone to ensure constant connectivity, regardless of location. Calls, voicemail, and even chat will be available across your devices in real-time.

2. All of the features you have come to love on your desktop will be available in the palm of your hand. From conferences to messaging to presence, gloCOM mobile will have you covered.

3. Call quality will be outstanding. Whether in your car, a busy airport, or across the globe, gloCOM mobile will allow you to communicate as if you were in the office. And if call quality is ever any less than satisfactory, a ‘Call Back’ option will give you time to find a better connection.

Getting excited? So are we! Sign up for an account now and receive an email when gloCOM mobile is released.

3 Ways Hosted VoIP Helps Businesses Grow

voip growthAnyone that has a hosted VoIP system will be quick to spurt its many benefits and advantages. At the top of the list is how easy it is to grow with a hosted solution.

First, a hosted VoIP system makes it easy to open new locations or offices. The ability to use the same central telephony system in any number of new branches means cost savings and peace-of-mind. Opening new offices becomes inexpensive and easy with hosted VoIP.

Second, work can be outsourced or delegated to work-at-home employees. A hosted VoIP system brings the office to the worker, wherever they may be. This makes hiring new employees or outsourcing temporary work incredibly easy and inexpensive. It also fixes any space issues at the office. Applications like gloCOM bring the capability of an entire office to your desktop, wherever you are.

Finally, hosted VoIP allows for growth even on a tight budget. Certainly less costly than legacy telephony, and more economical than premise-based VoIP, hosted VoIP generally only requires monthly expenditures without up-front investments or ongoing maintenance costs. Companies with hosted VoIP can expand without breaking the budget.

Is your company ready to grow? Whether you already have a hosted solution or not, sign up for a free account to take the next step today!