Paying Too Much for Call Center Software that Doesn’t Even Give You Results?

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Support and maintenance cost you an arm and a leg. Your call center software operates like something straight out of The Flintstones. You’re itching to handle more calls and grow, but old software is holding you back. Worst of all, you’re losing calls and customers for a lack of ‘cool new features’.

We’ve heard the story over and over again… It’s time for a change! Forget the Flintstones – let’s become Jetsons!

Bicom Systems helps call centers update their software and take the first steps toward higher call volumes and growth. We cut the support and maintenance costs so you can focus your budget on what really matters – powerful and feature-rich software that opens the door to unlimited growth. With a variety of hosted and rented options, there is no need for large up-front investments or mortgages. Growth doesn’t have to be expensive anymore!

The best part? Fun and cool features. From Call Detail Records to Customizable Queues to IVR, your new features make it possible to efficiently handle a much higher volume of calls. gloCOM, the most advanced softphone on the market, brings the latest in Unified Communications to desktop and mobile devices. gloCOM will give your angets all of the tools they need for effective call handling, including click-to-call, instant messaging, drag-and-drop conferencing, call records, file and screen share, faxing, voicemail, and more!

What are you waiting for? Leave Bedrock behind and give us a call today!

Custom Work: Agent BLF

call centerPresence is one of the most popular advantages of Unified Communications and, more specifically, gloCOM. The ability to check the status of employees or coworkers in real-time is invaluable to productivity and collaboration for call centers or other businesses.

But if it’s not working correctly, what’s the point?

We created a custom solution that lets agents check and make sure presence is working on the telephone system correctly.

We give a BLF button to all users, allowing them to see if they are logged in or not and to log in or out with just a quick press of the button.

This is particularly useful for large enterprises or call centers that have many users online at any given time.

Call Center Motivation

MOTIVATION is essential for Call Center workers whose work is typically monotonous and done individually. The nature of Call Center work lends itself to decreased performance and a high turn-over rate. But a good motivator in the office can make all the difference and improve customer service, attendance, and staff retention.

Motivation is simply and easy if you keep some key factors in mind:

call center motivation


The Rounded Approach involves three key points to consider when motivating a team:

  1. Goal: You must define a clear goal of what needs to be done.
  2. Capability: Ensure that your team is able to complete that goal.
  3. Incentive: Offer a reward (or consequence) that your team responds to.


Clinical Psychologist Frederek Herzberg established the Hygiene Factors theory for team motivation. In this theory, some factors (known as hygiene factors) only motivate if taken away, while are factors (known as motivators) motivate when provided.

Hygiene Factors:

  • Policy
  • Office Relationships
  • Work Conditions
  • Salary
  • Company Benefits
  • Status
  • Security
  • Personal Life


  • Achivement
  • Recognition
  • Work Accomplishments
  • Responsibility
  • Advancement

Find a way to give those motivators to your employees for a happier and more productive team.


Consequences motivate people to change their behavior and meet the given goals.

Consequences can come in many different forms:

  • Positive – prizes or rewards to reinforce good behavior
  • Negative – discipline or confiscation to punish poor behavior
  • Immediate – today, this month, this quarter
  • Future – next year, next season, down the road
  • Certain – something that will definitely happen when the goal is reached
  • Uncertain – a potential outcome that may or may not happen

The type of consequences that will have the most impact on your team are positive, immediate, and certain. For example, promising (certain) extra vacation days (positive) if the team meets this month’s sales goals (immediate) will motivate the team more than threatening potential (uncertain) pay cuts (negative) if sales do not improve over the coming months (future).

Positive consequences like prizes or rewards do not have to cost money. Other positive motivators can be forms of recognition like certificates or titles.


  1. To be an effective motivator, you yourself must be motivated. A motivated leader will be evident to a team via confidence, passion, and enthusiasm, and will inspire motivation.
  2. Motivation necessitates measurable goals. This does not necessarily mean quantitative goals, but a way to determine whether or not the goal was met.
  3. Remember that motivation does not last indefinitely. It is not a one-time activity that will make its impact and last forever. Motivation must happen on a regular, even daily basis.


Different people are motivated in different ways. Determine where your team members fall on the following chart and work to motivate them in those ways.


  • Towards – Motivation towards something positive (a raise when goal is met)
  • Long-Term – Goals for months or years out (an eventual promotion)
  • Big Chunk – A big goal that is probably long-term (double sales)


  • Away From – Avoid an undesirable action (a pay cut)
  • Short-Term – An immediate consequence or prize (extra day off this month)
  • Small Chunk – Break goals and consequence down (increase sales by 10% to earn a bonus of $100 per week or $3 per sale)

If you follow the above steps you will be on your way to having a motivated team in no time. Want to read more? Visit Training Cheat Sheet – Motivating Teams from Call Centre Helper.

Bicom Systems Announces Strategic Partnership with VOIP INNOVATIONS

voip innovationsPITTSBURGH (7 August 2013) – Bicom Systems is pleased to announce its partnership with VoIP Innovations in order to combine our expertise and better serve the market with a synergy of telecommunication services.

VoIP Innovations, a Wholesale VoIP Provider based in Pittsburgh, “aggregates services from the nation’s largest telecom providers to give our customers the low Wholesale VoIP rates and network footprint needed to be competitive.” With more than 20 years of experience, VoIP Innovations is a leader in the market and serves customers around the world. Continue reading

Why do we find you always coming back?

As August hits, parts of the world shut down for a summer recess, leaving opportunity, if only ephemeral, to pause and reflect.

The question that always puzzles me the most is: “Why do prospects always come back?” While many approach us with definitely projects that can be replied to and executed quickly, there are a significant number of first contacts that do not turn into immediate business. Some even take Biblical lengths of time to finally start – seven years being the longest so far.

So if you have contacted us before, but not yet concluded business with Bicom Systems, this is dedicated to ‘you’. Maybe now is the time to get started?

Here are the first few ideas that came to mind:

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