Custom Work: Call Shops

call shopsGiven the popularity of call shops around the world, it was only a matter of time until we created a custom solution for call shop functionality.

This solution was developed for Apio Technologies in Colombia to allow functionality with Call Shop booths, operators, receipt printing, API, and more.

Our Call Shop multi-tenant custom work can be duplicated anywhere around the world with a VoIP PBX telephone system.

Read more in our Apio Technologies Case Study.


Custom Work: PIN-Based Dialing

telephony securityCompanies today report that security is one of their top concerns. One of the many ways we’re able to help protect you is by preventing unauthorized calling.

With this custom solution, once a handset is picked up, the telephone will automatically dial the access code and ask the user for the extension/PIN combination.

After the call is done, the user extension will be billed.

Security is important to any VoIP PBX telephone system. Contact your Account Manager today!

Custom Work: Prison Telephony

prison telephonyWhile prisons and jails aren’t the first thing to come to mind when discussing Unified Communications, they do require a telephony solution similar to other companies or call centers.

After being approached about providing a prison telephony solution, we further tweaked our call shop custom solution to provide a custom workaround for the prison.

This solution utilizes vouchers that are created ahead of time with different denominations to be sold to prisoners for telephone calls.

Learn more from Wateen Telecom.

Custom Work: CDR for Unanswered Calls

CDRDo you employee a ‘Ring All’ strategy with several extensions? Does this lead to numerous ‘unanswered calls’ in your CDR? Does it drive you crazy?

It only took a few complaints for us to sympathize with the problem and do something about it. Our custom solution simplifies CDRs for situations where a ‘ring all’ strategy is in place.

For example, if a ring group with a ‘ring all’ strategy contains 20 numbers, each incoming call will result in 20 call records: 1 answered call and 19 unanswered calls.

This custom solution eliminates the superfluous 19 unanswered calls from the CDR on your telephone system.

Custom Work: Multiple Parking Lots

parking lot telephonyBy default, our system has only one IP PBX parking lot with 20 parking places. Have you ever wished for more?

Our custom workaround allows the user to add additional parking lots and parking spaces to the telephone system.

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