10 VoIP Selling Points

voipEveryone knows the benefits of VoIP and cloud services, right? It practically sells itself – save money, save time, keep up with the latest trend. But is that all there is to VoIP?

With nearly infinite features and almost as many ways to add value, VoIP is worth much more than most think. Try using some of the following features and values to market VoIP in a bigger and better way.

  1. All Calls are Local
    VoIP allows users to generate local numbers for anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need for expensive Toll Free numbers and makes customers feel closer to the company.
  2. CDR
    Call Detail Records are elaborate and complete with VoIP. Everything is recorded and saved, from call logs to chat history to bandwidth usage. This benefits both users and IT that monitor and maintain the system. With VoIP, CDR can even be customized.
  3. Conferencing
    VoIP permits inexpensive, easy, and efficient conferencing. Whether a spontaneous conference call or a weekly video conference, VoIP softphones makes it user-friendly and simple. gloCOM lets users start conferences by simply dragging contacts into a call.
  4. File & Screen Sharing
    Most VoIP solutions make it easy to share files or even screen share between contacts. It is quicker than emailing files or using third party software. File share and screen share can be done with the click of a button on gloCOM.
  5. FoIP
    While fax may seem like a thing of the past, most businesses are still paying for a fax line out of obligation or habit. Fax Over IP (FoIP) eliminates the cost and delivers faxes straight to your email inbox. Click to learn more about The Value of FoIP.
  6. High Definition Audio
    HD audio ensures crystal clear communication for the most important calls. From big sales pitches to important conference calls to custom support, HD audio is the next best thing to a real conversation.
  7. Long Distance Calls
    VoIP eliminates geographic cost disparities and saves on long distance calls. The ability to call for ‘free’ via cloud services encourages users to pick up the phone more often and communicate quickly and efficiently to all parts of the world.
  8. Mobility
    In a world of smart phones, tablets, and BYOD, mobility is crucial in the workplace. VoIP seamlessly integrates with mobile devices through call forwarding or apps, making communication possible any time, anywhere. gloCOM Mobile softphone is coming soon!
  9. Recording
    The ability to record calls is native to most VoIP phones and is an immensely useful tool for busy and preoccupied users. Record sales calls, training sessions, or any other important calls and come back to listen again later.
  10. Voicemail
    VoIP Voicemail saves time and cuts down on stress by delivering voicemail alerts and MP3 files directly to the user’s email. The file can be accessed from anywhere and can be quickly forwarded or deleted.

What are your favorite VoIP features and selling points? We’d love to hear from you in our discussion over on LinkedIn!

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5 Ways VoIP is Green

voip greenWe have discussed the benefits of VoIP on this blog many, many times. From the traditional time and money saving benefits to more obscure benefits. But VoIP News pointed out a NEW benefit of VoIP: It is environmentally friendly. VoIP is green!

1. Carbon Emissions

VoIP lets employees work remotely. Aside from all the benefits to the worker, this is also reduces the number of drivers on the road and the resulting air pollution. This is true not only for home workers, but also for office workers that can collaborate with colleagues or customers remotely rather than driving to meet them.

2. Paper Waste

Paper was a staple of the office of yesterday, but VoIP is changing that. With all communications virtualized, there is little need for paper. From Fax over IP sending fax straight to your email, to instant messaging replacing notes passed between coworkers, to screen sharing rather than printing out a document to share.

3. Equipment Waste

Legacy systems are heavily dependent on hardware, and that hardware must be replaced each time the system is upgraded. VoIP not only reduces that extreme waste by requiring less hardware, but also by expanding and changing with the current hardware, resulting in no waste.

4. Chemical Release

Similarly, legacy systems required underground wiring that may leach chemicals into the soil. Each legacy upgrade means more wiring and more pollution. Thankfully, VoIP does not require such wiring.

5. Energy Use

Finally, VoIP requires little or no extra energy to run. As we have discussed previously {link}, VoIP uses the data network rather than a dedicated network. Most offices will have Internet anyway, so VoIP will simply use the energy from that with no extra power needed.

While VoIP is highly valuable for so many other reasons, being environmentally-friendly may be the final straw for some companies that are looking to go green.

5 Forgotten VoIP Tools

voip toolsVoIP gives us so many features and benefits that it is easy to forget some and miss out. VoIP News reminded us of five great features that are too often forgotten.

1. Calling is not limited to the desk phone

Unlike in the past, making calls no longer means sitting at a desk with a telephone in your hand. VoIP allows users to call with soft phones on any kind of device – computers, mobile phones, tablets, etc. For example, gloCOM is a business soft phone for desktop or mobile.

2. Voicemail is flexible

Similar to calling, voicemail is no longer bound to a desk phone. With VoIP, you can access voicemail from any device or even via email. Whether as an audio file or a transcript, your voicemail could be delivered to your inbox along with all your other messages.

3. Transferring is easy

Transferring calls within a VoIP system is as easy as the click of a button. Ever called one number only to be given another number to write down, verify, and then hang up and call? VoIP makes transfers to other branches, remote locations, or even mobile phones possible.

4. Surveillance and security can be incorporated

VoIP and Unified Communications can even incorporate your office security system. Rather this means checking your surveillance cameras right from your soft phone or opening a locked entrance for a visitor, VoIP has you covered.

5. Fax can be VoIP too

Finally, users too often forget that VoIP can include more than just calling. Fax over VoIP (FoIP) functions much like calling and gives you all the same benefits. Fax to email eliminates the need for a fax machine altogether.

If you’d like these features, check out gloCOM, our business soft phone that offers many of these and more!

4 Ways VoIP Adds Value to SMBs

voipAs we discussed in VoIP Selling Points, VoIP and cloud services are about so much more than just saving money. It is about more than telephony, too. VoIP is an entire integrated communications experience that is capable of adding value to businesses in many ways.

So how do VoIP and application like gloCOM softphone add value?

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The Value of Fax Over IP (FoIP)

When we think of VoIP the first thing that comes to mind is voice calls, right? But VoIP can do so much more, for example Faxing over IP or FoIP.

While fax may seem like a thing of the past, it is still a requirement of many businesses for compliance or record management purposes. Most businesses are still paying to have a fax line whether it is worth the cost or not.

FoIP delivers fax documents straight to your email inbox, making fax so easy and inexpensive that you may began using it more often than you think.

So where do you get FoIP? Good question.

gloCOM, our Global Communicator app, includes FoIP among its many value-adding features. You can send and receive faxes, view your fax history, and print fax documents all from gloCOM!

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