Dissatisfied IPsmarx Customer

We received the following from an IPsmarx customer recently and thought it may be of interest to others:

“We are a small calling card company based in Mexico and currently using IPSmarx. Ever since we started using them, we have had ongoing issues with them and when we decided to start selling IPPBX solutions, the things just got worst.

After we installed the IPBPX, a project, which by the way was a nightmare, we started noticing some strange things in our traffic.

All of a sudden, our numbers started to go up, not by much but little by little. Obviously, I was really pleased about it first but then when the sales weren’t going up the same speed, I got little worried and started to investigate it little more. Need to mention that we had a pilot project for IPBPX ready so all we needed to install and start invoicing them.

I noticed that there were many calls through our IPBPX testing accounts and when started asking around, no one seemed to recognize those calls. And in top of that they were to strange destination like Russia and Somalia.

Anyway, I took several weeks to understand that our system had been hacked and someone was passing traffic through the IPBPX we had installed.

We contacted IPSmarx but they are not supporting the version we are using so nothing could be done there. We also contacted the person who kindly has been helping us with the earlier problems without IPSmarx’s authorization but seems like she is not working there anymore.

Obviously we had to put our IPPBX project on hold, can’t really sell  a product with security issues.

I started to google and I found lot of similar cases and I noticed your blog and your writings and just decided to get in touch to if the is something you could do to help us.

Mind you, we’ve spend quite a lot in our platform and really haven’t got much left but any help is welcome.”

Bret Fisher and IPSMARX

The story repeats. We had a prospect Mr. Bret Fisher who, deciding between us and IPSMARX, made the choice to place his trust in IPSMARX some twelve months ago. As we know all too well, ‘customers always come back’.

This time, though, his experience was so bad that he requested I provide his contact details to prevent anybody having to suffer the same experience. Please feel free to make contact :

Bret Fisher


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This latest advert claims “Contact the Only Total, One-Stop, Global VoIP Solution Provider Now!” Given that they seek to pass off as Bicom Systems they know well there is at least one other provider of similar qualification yet who could really be sure there are none other in this wide world?

Maybe it is just themselves they are trying to deceive?

We shall see.

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Why should we choose PBXware MultiTenant PBX vs IPSMARX Multi Tenant PBX? (Part I : Limitations)

It is always with caution that one should speak of competitors and their products when clearly they are better able to do so themselves. All the more so with IPSMARX, given how IPSMARX has positioned itself ‘as’ Bicom Systems. I have though wondered more and more why they do so up against PBXware MultiTenant PBX. Here are some reasons that might help with understandings:

I am demanded to reply to this question orally on a weekly basis and it seems only right to write. Curious about this question too is the clear circumstances in which it is asked. These can be described in three categories: i) Existing users of IPSMARX’s Multi-Tenant PBX who have had reason to look further ii) New Providers looking to start a business line with little resource iii) Well established businesses either ITSPs, VARs or Long Established Sellers of Phone Systems.

For the first group, customers have dial tone. However the Service Provider’s hands are now so filled with the running of their business that the cost of keeping the system becomes all consuming. Very noticeable is with how few extensions on the system and the pain threshold seems to bite. So often, fewer than 100 subscribers – a pocketful of customers. A customer wants a Queue, a Conference, an IVR… then “surely this should need no more effort than a check-box selection to solve everything from the feature’s creation to the monthly invoice going out ?” Surely it should not need custom programming from the switch provider for each small tweak? There also are issues of support. Again the sheer stress that happens once ‘real customers’ come on board and previously naive dreams are exposed. Answers need to be found immediately both to ‘how do I do x,y,z ?’ questions and less often bugs or critical failings. Increasingly the need for integration to the desktop is a make or break to getting End User businesses.

Whether in the form of onsite systems from the Traditional Vendors or the large Internet Telephony Service Providers often using Broadsoft platforms the market at large expects standard offerings to have presence, chat and more at the finger tips. Mobility is next. Not just a breeze blowing softly but rushing winds. A simple SIP client is not where the world will be. Mobility means the user should be an integral part of the local switch.

What has also been learned through the school of hard knocks is problems that the next customer wants something unique. You never quite know what and unless the system is inherently flexible you will be left just listening to the screams. For some though there is the matter of scalability. To simply ‘add another server’ and ‘stick on another few hundred customers’ is not enough. All the customers need to be brought together in a single interface to be found easily and redundancy needs to be in clusters often with the options of dual location.

If you found this useful or can add please feel free to post, Parts II (Cost of Entry) & III (It has to work and it has to do more) are to follow and of course our whitepaper on How to Start an ITSP.

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ipsmarxIPSMARX it seems have decided to pass-off as Bicom Systems. Well I suppose we should be flattered.

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