What is a SIP Proxy?

sip proxyA SIP Proxy is, in the simplest terms, an intermediary between two SIP devices. Also called a SIP server, a SIP proxy routes calls on a SIP network and is responsible for tasks such as registration, authorization, and other call functions and features.

A key part of any IP PBX, the SIP Proxy makes calls possible for users. Not to be confused with a SBC, SIP Proxies are unique and probably all you need.

Bicom Systems offers a SIP Proxy product, learn more here.

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A VoIP Glossary

Do you ever hear VoIP jargon and acronyms that fly over your head? Thanks to Ziff Davis we can learn all of those terms and more in The Business User’s Glossary to VoIP.

Some of the acronyms they cover are:

ATA – Analog Telephone Adaptor
Adapts a traditional analog phone to work with VoIP.

BYOD – Bring Your Own Device
Employees today are often allowed to use their own mobile devices or tablets at work.

CDR – Call Detail Record
Detailed information about incoming or outgoing calls.

DID – Direct Inward Dialing
Refers to an internal extension that can be reached via a standard 10-digit telephone number.

The European version of T1 (see below).

HUD – Heads-Up Display
The idea of using a softphone right on the computer screen rather than a phone on the desk.

IVR – Interactive Voice Response
Refers to a VoIP voicemail system.

POP – Point of Presence
The point where the company’s network connects to the telephone company’s network.

SIP – Session Initiation Protocol
Allows different devices to be compatible on the same VoIP network.

Standard data transmission line in North America

Head over to Ziff Davis to read more!