How many of your customers are hosted implementations vs. onsite systems?

It’s about an 85:15 ratio.

The reason is that when we first started, hosted was around. Simply there was less competition in that market, we got in earlier, and it has been easier.

When we’ve excelled with onsite systems it has been ‘providing bespoke solutions for the off-the-shelf price’.

What we have not tried is to be ‘another of many PBX vendors’. This will change as gloCOM comes to fruition and helps us to stand out. We remain committed to onsite for two reasons. Onsite systems invariable have more specific demands, they stretch our product and development that feeds into the richest hosted PBX offering on the market. However, we wish to offer the full portfolio. We live by the motto ‘you do not know what your next customer will want’. Rather than having to increase the training burden of learning two different sets of products, you know you will have an answer if needed by ‘the next customer’.