What can an Account Manager do for you?

VERY LITTLE … What? Obviously he’s the one who made that first great introduction from which many wonderful things have followed. Your Account Manger loves you and you love him.

Truth be, though, he can only do two things:

  1. Advise on products for you or your prospects and assist with the preparation of these
  2. Enforce company policy should any other aspect of your interaction with the company not be followed

What he cannot do are the following:

a. Work out what is wrong with your systems > see SUPPORT@bicomsystems.com

b. Advise on very intricate product options that may not exist and need to be quoted for > see SUPPORT@bicomsystems.com

c. Work out who paid what to whom & when > see ACCOUNTS@bicomsystems.com

And if I am not satisfied with their responses? See Support Tickets – How do they work and why may they not work? and please follow the procedure at www.bicomsystems.com/support/ on how to raise that. Here though, yes, with a TICKET, your Account Manager can make things happen.