What is paid for when and why for Upgrades?

There are two kinds of Upgrades : Minor and Major.
Minor are labeled in versions numbers x.1, x.2 … and Major are labeled.
Minor upgrades are applied by an Administrator and take effect with minimal risk to the system. Still – make sure you have back up before applying.
Major upgrades invariably involve changes to the database fields and cannot be applied so. As such they involve a four hour downtime and as such the four hours work must be covered. Major upgrades typically come every 18 months.

The annual support contract covers the minor upgrades. The labour time needed to perform the major upgrade must be covered.

In so much that context is everything, these charges are a world apart from the days of ‘end of life’ and forklift the investment just made.
The contribution from the support also helps to maintain a constant development track that keeps the software and partners businesses ahead of the curve. We continue to invest.