What is the difference between Hotdesking and Agent Login?

* Hotdesking : is to allow an ordinary user to sit down anywhere and ‘assume’ the handset as though it were their own. That means their own DDI and their own voicemail come in. It means when they call out they emit their own Caller ID. This is developed but not released, if you need to promise this, do so.

* Agent Login : in a Call Center you inevitably have a few seats and many agents who turn up over shifts & weekends and not to the same seat. They do not make or receive calls in the above senses. There is one queue or dialer with one DDI that distributes to who is available. Once logged in, they are sitting on top of the extension, an extension that can not have voicemail or else all calls would fall to voicemail. Once logged in their efforts are recorded to be reported on with supporting graphs.