What is the objective of the gloCOM promo? Who gets it & why? It is just beta or permanent?

Given the efforts of deploying a new system and making users aware of gloCOM and how to install it, the following tools are available for Administrators:

1. Extension is set up by Administrator.

2. Extension gets email informing the user of gloCOM and informing the user to set up gloCOM and a sound file on the email introducing the service, gloCOM and encouragement to set up gloCOM. This is for both desktop and mobile.

3. Extension either a. does set up gloCOM or b. does not set up gloCOM.

4. a. nothing more is to happen

4. b. each day, each first call will hear different reminder from a dozen possible messages. Once gloCOM is installed on either Desktop or Mobile, these messages will stop.

5. At any stage in the above, Administrator can determine that an extension will not be using gloCOM and these messages will not produce.