What’s Up With POP Maintenance

If you ever wonder why we make such a big deal out of POP maintenance, let’s take a step back and look at the big picture.

Bicom Systems processes nearly one thousand concurrent calls at our POPs in London and Chicago.

With over 100 virtual environments served on SERVERware, we have thousands of extensions registered across the globe. Most of which have their own end user business customers also.

Some of these customers are time critical like hospitals, domestic violence hotlines, 24/7 factories, etc. Others are just regular business lines that have been promised a reliable system.

Regardless of who the customer is, we have a responsibility to either ensure their lines are working or give them time to make other plans.  A sudden loss of functionality is frustrating and stops users from performing their jobs.

It is because of this, that we try to give at LEAST four days notice before performing maintenance or updates in our POPs. We ask that you customers be understanding and make appropriate provisions for yourselves and your end users during down times.