2020 and a Partridge in a Pear Tree 🍐🌳

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We don’t want a lot for Christmas. There is just one thing we need. We don’t care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. We just want you for our own, more than you could ever know!

Make our wish come true! All we want for Christmas is YOU! Ok, maybe not you exactly… but we do appreciate your business. So much so that we wanted to thank you! 

This year has certainly been different, and although we do not get to talk much about our trade show tour or events we hosted, we want to share some of the accomplishments we couldn’t have done without you all.

So, here’s our top 10 countdowns of 2020!

10 x (or more) the Virtual Meetings 💻

Thanks to COVID, all of our meetings turned virtual. Hey, we are even having our Holiday party virtually this year! It looks like the release of gloCOM Meeting came just in time for our employees and partners to stay connected. 

9 Webinars 🎫

Bicom Systems always hosts webinars, but with travel restrictions in place, we increased the amount to eliminate the need for travel. Webinars make it easier to share information with a large audience, not to mention safer and cheaper. Take a look at our previously recorded webinars here

8 Interns that Became Employees 🎓

Every year we collaborate with the local university in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the University of Tuzla. Our internship program has allowed us to meet great young minds who eventually become full-time employees! This year we had the opportunity to hire our first MBA Intern from the University of New Brunswick. Learn more about Bicom Systems internships here

7 Case Studies 📑

Something we always say to our partners is your success is our success. We encourage them to share their stories with us on how they found Bicom Systems and what they love about our products. Read some of their success stories here by looking at the seven case studies we published this year!

6 EBooks 📚

We are always looking to provide viewpoints from our core team through webinars, videos, and case studies. Another avenue we have explored to share information is through EBooks! On our Resource Page, users can find information on How to Sell VoIP, The Benefits of UC, Reasons Why you Should Switch to Hosted, and more! 

5 (+ 45) Blog Posts 👩‍💻

Over the past year, we have provided over fifty blog posts on topics ranging from Unified Communications to new features, products, and our team. Most recently, the Bicom Systems blog was where we released our roadmap for our upcoming SMS feature. Our blog has been so popular in 2020 that we made it high in the ranks on Feedspots top Telecom and UC blogs to watch. Keep an eye on our blog to see what we are up to in 2021!

4 Account Managers 👨‍💼

We currently have a team of four Account Managers who are located across the globe. Each AM is dedicated to a specific region to ensure our partners receive the best care and communication possible. For example, last year, we entered the Latin American market after securing an Account Manager who is a native Spanish speaker—interested in connecting with one of our Account Managers? Send an email to our sales team at sales@bicomsystems.com

3  Departments in Our Canadian Office 🍁

When we officially opened our Canadian office a little over two years ago, we were a small team of less than ten. Today, we have three departments that are vital to the growth of Bicom Systems. Our Canadian office is where most of our Sales staff come from, half of our Marketing team, and the latest edition of our new Business Success department. 

2 Campaigns 🏫

We found our Marketing team had a lot of time on our hands between the travel restrictions and lockdowns. And what better way to utilize that time than by rolling out not one but two promotional campaigns! First up, we had Summer School. We wanted to spice up your Summer with webinars, roundtable discussions, debates and more. Although Summer School is over, you can still sign up to access the free library here

The second campaign we had was called “We’re All Ears.” We knew many of our partners wanted to ask our team questions, and we wanted to listen! Catch up on the Q&A sessions with Sales & Marketing, Customer Service, and Product Team Leads here.  

1 Major Update 🆕

We saved the best for last. Earlier this year, we released our biggest update yet, Version 6! Version 6 is jam-packed with improvements and new features for both PBXware and gloCOM. This version is also where we released our new baby, gloCOM Meeting! Have you updated your solution to V6? 

Without you, none of this would have been possible! We understand that times have been tough, and we wanted to thank you for being such incredible partners. Happy Holidays and the best of luck for 2021!  

If you want to be a part of our 2021, contact our sales team here to get started!

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