5 Steps Toward VoIP

Written By Edin Alic

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voip systemSooner or later, most companies will be ready for a new Communications System. Whether the company needs more features, is trying to cut costs, or wants to expand, a VoIP System is likely the best solution. Ziff Davis brings us 5 Steps to VoIP.

  1. Set Goals

    The first step is defining goals that fit your business and budget. This may be done in-house or done with a consultant or advisor.

  2. Set Expectations

    In addition to goals, your company needs to think about what it wants from the VoIP solution. Consider who will use the system and what features would benefit them.

  3. Define a Successful Deployment Plan

    Once your goals and expectations are defined, you can create a plan of action. Set a timeline and ensure that the entire team is on board.

  4. Choose a Method of Ongoing Operations

    Once the VoIP system is in place, you will need a plan for maintenance, back-up, disaster recovery, etc. Determine whether this will be done in-house or outsourced to a different company.

  5. Choose a Method of Support

    Finally, consider support options for your system and your users. This could be a full-time internal employee or outsourced to an external party.

These five steps will ensure a smooth transition to a VoIP System and guarantee maximum benefits from the move.