Advantages of Hiring Remote Workers

Written By Laura Kyle

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A remote worker is an employee who does not work in a traditional office space. They could work from home, on the road, from a coffee shop or anywhere other than a physical office. Remote workers may have to go into the office from time to time, but if you are looking at a position for a remote employee, you can assume it is not a common office job.

Unified Communication tools make it extremely easy for companies to hire remote workers! They can make phone calls, send files, instant message and collaborate seamlessly from anywhere in the world, as long as they have an internet connection. Bicom Systems UC mobile application, gloCOM GO is basically an office in your pocket.

So if it is so easy with UC solutions… why aren’t more companies hiring remote workers? Here are a few reasons why companies should start taking advantage of hiring remote workers.  

Remote Workers are more Productive
You may have thought that working from home would cause more distractions, resulting in being less productive. However, that is not the case. When you are working from home you do not get distracted by Stacey who wants to talk about her weekend or by John who is constantly checking if you got his email. Remote workers can focus on their own tasks without any interruptions.

Remote workers are also not constricted to the regular 9am-5pm office hours. They have the opportunity to set their own schedule to times that are convenient for them. For example, if Erin is a morning person she may choose to start her day at 7am and end at around 3pm. This gives her the opportunity to get a head start on the day before her other coworkers have even entered the office.

Remote Workers are Hidden Treasures
Usually, job seekers apply for positions within the vicinity of the office. In bigger cities, it is normal to commute an hour into work but anything longer than that isn’t ideal. Remote workers do not have to accommodate for commute times, meaning you can hire people from across the globe!

By hiring a remote worker, you have the opportunity to find the best employees. This gives your company a competitive edge and a chance to acquire people with unique skill sets. Hiring remote workers also give you the opportunity to accept candidates with physical disabilities. For example, if for some reason your office was not wheelchair accessible, it would restrict certain candidates from applying. If you hire remote workers, you would no longer have to limit your talent pool.

Remote Workers Save You Money
Not in terms of salary, but if you hire a remote worker your company is saving money in many other areas! If you offer a UCaaS solution that is BYOD friendly, then you will reduce office equipment costs. Remote workers would not be using the physical office, therefore you save money on real estate, furniture, supplies, and other overhead expenses.

Other cost-saving advantages that remote workers offer are:

  • Reduction in time wasted
  • Fewer sick days
  • Fewer days missed from weather conditions
  • Relocation expenses
  • Travel expenses

Remote Workers Decrease your Carbon Footprint
The financial advantages we just discussed also benefit the environment! Hiring remote workers means you are taking up less green space for your office and you are using less carbon dioxide to heat it. Your employees are not driving to and from work thereby reducing their greenhouse gas emissions. Not only is your company saving money on overhead expenses like paper supply, but remote workers reduce the overall consumption of office supply.

Remote Workers are Happier
Offering the tools to collaborate with other employees formulates an autonomous work environment. Autonomy in the workplace increases job satisfaction and increased job satisfaction tends to mean happy employees. Having the flexibility and freedom to work from where you want is a huge bonus for employees. Especially if from where they want is from the comfort of their own home. When your employees are happy, they are less likely to seek other job opportunities.

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