Bicom Support

Bicom Systems support techs are always prepared to respond to errors as quickly and effectively as possible. Recently we found reports that the Outcall2 Plugin had an issue with Outlook 32-bit on Windows 10 x64.

One of our support techs was able to quickly rebuild the plugin to support the 32-bit version and update the release. He responded to error reports with the update and instructions to reinstall the new version.

One user responded with the following:

After reinstalling, the Outlook add-in does work perfectly on my Windows 10 x64 with Outlook 2016! I’d like to know, are you with the OutCall Project or with Bicom? If Bicom’s support is this responsive and effective, I can only imagine how awesome their support is on products they actually sell!”

If you encounter any issues or bugs like the above, please contact us for a solution!

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