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A Unified Communications (UC) platform consolidates all of the products, tools, and services needed to power business communications into a single, marketable product. The Bicom Systems Platform comprises a suite of avant-garde solutions that synergize seamlessly to form a scalable, cost-effective, all-inclusive solution primed for the market.

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Engineered by our team of seasoned professionals and based on ongoing market research and 20 years of partner feedback, our platform consists of:

A feature-rich, scalable PBX software solution

PBXware illustration

PBXware boasts a plethora of modern features such as call routing, voicemail, conferencing calling, CRM integration, and more, encompassing everything required to fuel business communications. Available in Multi-Tenant, Contact Center, Business, and Service Provider editions and flexible deployment options, PBXware caters to diverse business needs.

A desktop UC app to empower your communications

desktop UC app Bicom

gloCOM includes a wide array of features including voice and video calling, instant messaging, conferencing, file and screen sharing, presence, and more. The very definition of a powerhouse, gloCOM is both feature-rich and user-friendly, seamlessly integrating with PBXware for streamlined communication.

A mobile UC app that redefines mobility

mobile UC app Bicom

Extending the communication capabilities of gloCOM to mobile devices, gloCOM GO enables consistent and flexible communication with automatic syncing across devices. Its GSM callback feature leverages the mobile network, ensuring users are always connected.

A state-of-the-art video meeting solution

video meeting solution bicom systems

gloCOM Meeting combines voice and video conferencing with screen share, chat, file sharing, and more collaborative features. Available for desktop, mobile, and browser, gloCOM Meeting allows you to drag-and-drop participants into instant meetings and even invite external participants.

A tailor-built cloud virtualization platform

virtualization platform bicom systems

SERVERware was custom built for hosting telephony and unified communications. Featuring disaster recovery and data protection through its geo-redundancy feature, SERVERware ensures the safety and security of your data and that of your customers.

An innovative security module

security module bicom systems

Safeguarding the rest of the Bicom Systems Platform, sipPROT utilizes live SIP traffic monitoring and automatic firewall updates to protect your solution. sipPROT seamlessly integrates with SERVERware and PBXware to offer peace of mind in the face of evovling cybersecurity challenges.

value added solutions by bicom systems

Value-added solutions (VAS) are the key to boosting your bottom line and future-proofing your business. Too often, businesses overlook their existing products and customer base as the easiest way to stimulate growth. By compounding on your existing product with add-on solutions and bundled packages, you can add value in a few ways:

  • Make more sales as you reach new markets and close more deals
  • Make better sales with higher, longer-lasting profit margins
  • Establish your own brand to direct all value to your business
  • Protect your investments with future-proofing

We will discuss each of these in more detail below as we explore how the Bicom Systems Platform can increase your value now and into the future.

making more sales with bicom systems info

The most obvious way to increase your business value is by making more sales and acquiring new customers. Of course this is easier said than done. The secret to selling more of your telephony solution is in adopting an all-in-one platform that attracts more business.

Reach new markets with customization

The Bicom Systems Platform is flexible, customizable, and feature-rich. By offering a full range of add-on features and customization, you can break into new markets. 

For example, a niche like the hospitality industry will benefit from contact center tools like intelligent routing, queues, and omnichannel. By adding Contact Center PBX to your existing telephony option you can break into this industry and establish your brand as an effective option. 

Close more deals by saying “yes” to customer requests

How many times have you said “no” when a prospective customer asks about a specific feature or toolset, consequently losing the deal? The Bicom Systems Platform empowers you to say “yes” more often. 

One of the most common feature requests we hear about is SMS. Not only does PBXware support SMS and MMS, gloCOM can sync messages across devices for maximum efficiency. Another common, albeit newer, customer request is video conferencing. 

With remote and hybrid workers around the globe, virtual meeting solutions are in high demand. Now you can tell your prospects and customers that you have a feature-rich, flexible, and stable meeting solution powered by gloCOM Meeting.

Support businesses of any size with multi-tenancy

Winning a large deal is always exciting, but faithful Small and Medium Business (SMB) customers are what pay the bills for more telephony service providers. PBXware Multi-Tenant can seamlessly scale up and down, allowing you to support businesses of all sizes throughout their growth journeys. 

Where other solutions may be inaccessible to startups due to high pricing, you can sell Multi-Tenant PBX at a small scale with an affordable price. Support their growth and gain their loyalty and you will still be their provider when they have grown into a large, profitable business.

increase profits with bicom systems info

Perhaps even more important than making new sales is upgrading your existing customers and increasing the value of your product to become more profitable. Upselling to your existing customer base is so easy and can raise your business value organically and quickly.

Add-ons and bundles

You can exponentially increase the sales value of your product by offering add-ons or creating bundles for customers to purchase based on their unique requirements. For example, offer gloCOM GO as an upgrade for customers that want a mobile app.

The benefits of smoothly transitioning from desktop to mobile, or from the wireless network in the office to GSM transcend industries. By offering a mobile app to your PBXware or gloCOM customers, you can instantly increase your monthly bottomline. 

Regular updates and upgrades

Another simple way to increase profit is through regular updates and upgrades that increase the value of your product. Your customers will often be happy to pay a slight increase if it means gaining new features or technologies. 

Bicom Systems updates its UC Platform regularly to reflect whatever is upcoming in the market. Our most recent release was Omnichannel and it has been a crowd favorite from the day it was released. With new modes of communication, a chatbot, and detailed reporting, upgrades like these are an easy upsell.

Subscription-based revenue

The Bicom Systems Platform is designed to be sold as a subscription-based solution, maximizing your profit margin and guaranteeing monthly income.

Our hosted solutions can be sold in barebones packages or robust bundles to meet the needs of every customer and budget. While making big sales are exhilarating, subscription-based services are more profitable in the long-term as revenue accrues from month-to-month.

build your own brand with bicom systems info

Rather than investing in and selling a product with someone else’s brand and logo on it, start dedicating your efforts to establishing your own brand.

All of the pieces of the Bicom Systems Platform are white label so you can assign not only your own brand, logo, and design, but also set your own profit-margin. We never share pricing information publicly or target end users, so you are free to set prices that fit your market and level of service being offered.

By investing all of your resources and efforts into your brand, not only do you channel monetary value into your business, but you also establish yourself as an industry leader and gain customer loyalty to your brand. These things are vital to long-term success.

protect investments info

Every bit as important as making sales today is having a plan to protect your investments into the future. There is little point of increasing your value and sales now if you do not safeguard it for the future. 

The Bicom Systems Platform is backed by an experienced team of developers that research upcoming technologies and upgrade our solutions to stay ahead of the competition. In our fast-paced industry, things can change overnight and not adopting new technologies in time will mean losing your customers.

Beyond the development stage, Bicom Systems has a global support team available to troubleshoot and address issues around the clock. Our Partners Program is dedicated to supporting growth and success for our most committed partners with a specialized team and additional resources.

Are you ready to get started on your journey to maximizing your revenue and profits? 

Contact us today to learn more about the Bicom Systems Platform and how we can support your unique business in its next step to growth. Learn more about how our platform can help you target industry verticals in our latest ebook Maximize Your UC Sales Potential: Strategic Insights for 8 Vertical Industries.

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