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Written By Edin Alic

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As social media becomes increasingly predominant in day-to-day life, now is the time for businesses to begin taking advantage of this often underused platform.

business social mediaWith vast audiences that dedicate time and attention on a daily basis, social media gives businesses a unique opportunity to connect with customers.

Businesses of any size need to become more strategic and direct with social media marketing campaigns.

Wondering what to do now? Here are a few ways to get started:

Find your audience

Determine where your target audience spends its time on social media. Find out what platforms they use, what they do on those platforms, where they spend the most amount of time, etc.

Create a plan

Don’t dive into social media without giving it some thought first. Whether that’s creating a team dedicated to social media or purchasing a software that will bring all social media into one simple interface, organization will help.

Take advantage of options for business

Most social media platforms offer paid options for businesses. These will be much more effective than simply joining as any other users. For example, paid advertisements on Facebook will get more attention than a user profile. The investment will be worth it.

Get creative

Social media is no place for business jargon or paragraphs of boring text. Engage customers by getting creative with images, stories, or special deals. Social media gives business a unique opportunity to interact with customers personally.

Measure results

Similar to creating a plan, it will do no good to jump right in to social media without having a way to measure the results. Whether through trackable URLs or tools built-in to the platform itself, any successful social media campaign will track results and make changes accordingly.

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