Canadian Office Opening

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Bicom Systems has come to Canada!

Bicom Systems has chosen Saint John, New Brunswick Canada to call home for our new office. To launch this opening, we had a day of events that we wanted to share with our readers.

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Our Saint John Office Team 

Our Saint John office started with 3 employees back in 2016. Now, 2 short years later we are a team of 9 and growing. Each staff member brings unique attributes that you can only find in the Maritime’s.
(Mar-i-times: home of the most polite people you will ever meet)



Morning Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Growing Saint John is certainly one of city Mayor Don Darling’s main purposes and with Bicom Systems as a worldwide company picking the city for its growth, he was happy to support us in continuing this objective. The mayor of the city of Saint John is the head elected in the municipal council. Essentially, the mayor serves as the chief representative of the city. Therefore, it was important for us to have him join us in our big day and meant a huge deal for him to make an appearance and welcome us to the city.

The morning ceremony gave us the opportunity to meet and network with the media, councils, local businesses, government, etc. Stephen W. and Katherine L. also had an interview with a local radio station to talk about our company and why picking Saint John to expand our business.


They even dropped us off this beautiful gift today! IMG_8842
It is a book of the City of Saint John and an official ‘Congratulations and Best Wishes’ certificate that thanks us for choosing Saint John to expand our business.

Midday: Open House

It was very important for us to establish ourselves in Saint John and we wanted to give the people of the city a chance to get to know us. We had an open house where people came and learned about our company, the industry and employment opportunities our office has.


Night Cocktail Event

We ended the evening with a private cocktail event for closest friends, family and team members. It was catered by a local business called Sankara Cuisine, that offers multicultural dishes. They worked with a local wine expert, Patrice Bramat to create an exceptional pairing experience. It was educational, entertaining and delicious!

IMG_0312        IMG_0252  IMG_0275      IMG_0281 We can tell it was a wonderful opening and a remarking experience for all of us having all these people bring joy and good vibes to our new office.

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