Company Culture – Why does it matter?

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It is safe to say that company culture is the backbone of any successful business. But, company culture is more than free snacks and ping pong tables in the office. It takes more effort to promote a connection between a company and its employees. 

Company culture is based on a firmly held and widely shared set of values and beliefs between a company and the employees. But how can you cultivate a winning culture when your employees are working from home? You must rethink all the initial processes, from recruiting, onboarding, career paths, performance reviews to collaboration, tools, and project management. 

As per Darren Chair, Co-Founder and COO of the tech firm Hugo, “At times of change and uncertainty, teams benefit from having a strong compass in the company culture. Teamwork and culture have more influence over company success than any other technique or tactic.” 

Whether it’s in a fully remote or office-based environment, company culture is an important way for teams to understand the company’s values beyond their individual contributions. There’s a growing understanding amongst the industries that a happy working culture tends to breed trust, creativity and ownership—resulting in better solutions on every level. 

To capitalize on promoting strong company culture, Bicom Systems recently launched its new CARE Teams initiative. 

C stands for the Culture Team

The C Team will provide assistance and professional improvements and will work with Managers in improving employee relations. The C-Team is in charge of creating new company culture standards.

A stands for the Administration Team

The A-Team will look after all matters related to staff administration duties. Issues such as contracts, salaries, and various other forms and “paperwork.” 

R stands for the Recruitment Team

The R-Team will do everything in their power to work with all teams in regards to staff recruitment. We currently have strong relationships with the local Universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and are always looking to recruit new employees.  

E stands for Employee Branding

Finally, the E-Team will present and find ways to advertise Bicom Systems in B&H in the best way possible. Taking the company’s culture into account, the employee branding team will also help with recruitment.  


The CARE Teams at Bicom Systems have a vital role in creating and promoting a strong culture. The starting point is recruitment and selection of the applicants who will share their beliefs and thrive in that culture. The CARE Teams also develop onboarding, training, and performance management programs that outline and reinforce their core values—ensuring that appropriate rewards and recognition go to employees who genuinely embody those values. 

It is encouraged that every team member of Bicom Systems can and should contribute to the excellent company culture development and promotion. While working from home, our Care Team provided a few tips on how to do that. 

  • Create a culture of trust and psychological safety through understanding, support, knowledge-sharing and an open-minded approach.
  • Encourage the use of video calls instead of only audio during meetings.
  • Have online gatherings but without work talk.
  • Choose your team’s MVPs! Give recognition to those who are going above and beyond. 
  • Acknowledge your teammates regularly.
  • Use constructive and open communication.
  • Encourage transparency.

Remember that every team member is a company ambassador. They strive and hope to have a pleasant, supportive working atmosphere where they can fully develop their potential. Your customers, team members and potential new colleagues will value strong company culture. Investing in developing and cherishing one is a must.

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