How our Hosted Solutions Can Support Telcom Industry Verticals like… The Healthcare Industry

Written By Laura Kyle

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Welcome back to part two of our blog series! If you missed part one this series, read it here. Today we are talking about How our Hosted Solutions Support the Healthcare Industry.

Healthcare is extremely broad because it covers all medical care for individuals, including dentists, emergency care, specialists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc. However, all physicians and medical experts use telecommunications.

Most healthcare providers spend their time traveling from room to room and treating patients. We all know what it is like waiting to see the doctor in an intimidating examining chair or on top of the paper-covered bed. Even though the doctor is treating you, they must still be reachable at all times in the case of an emergency. This is extremely important if the physician is on call.

Unified Communications enables healthcare professionals to be available from wherever they need to be!

Mobile UC Application
In most cases, physicians are their ‘own boss’ and therefore do not receive a work phone. To avoid the risk of losing or forgetting an extra phone, they use their personal device and phone number for work use. Bicom Systems gloCOM GO allows doctors to be reached on their personal mobile even when their office number was dialed. This way only authorized personnel has access to the physician’s private phone number.

gloCOM GO ensures the physician can be reached at any time, in and out of the office. The phone number can also be linked to the medical assistant in case the physician does not pick up.

Collaboration Abilities
Doctors and healthcare providers are often not a ‘one-stop shop’. Physicians can specialize in certain areas of healthcare and become experts on one subject. For example, although your family doctor can prescribe you a prescription for the common cold, they cannot perform oral surgery.

Unified Communication solutions, like Bicom Systems gloCOM, makes it easier for physicians to collaborate with other doctors. They can share confidential files, video conference and instant message with other healthcare providers.

gloCOM now has a module that integrates with Skype for Business. This way physicians can meet with patients or other healthcare providers who do not use gloCOM. Video conferencing with patients is something relatively new in the healthcare industry but has proven to be an effective way to meet and diagnosis patients.

Time Efficient
Not only will healthcare providers save time meeting patients and collaborating with other doctors, they will also save time on day-to-day activities. They can fax directly from their computer instead of printing the document, walking over to the fax machine, and faxing it to the appropriate number. This is extremely convenient and time efficient for doctors who need to send an urgent prescription to a pharmacy or patient information to a specialist. When healthcare providers send referrals to a specialist they usually include the patient’s entire file (which can tend to be large). Instead of printing out all this information to send in a fax, they can fax directly from their computer.

Real-Time Information
Physicians, medical staff, and administrative staff all need to be on the same page and kept up-to-date on information to give their patients the best care possible. To do so, they need their information to be updated in real time. The presence feature on gloCOM will show what physicians and medical staff are online and who is available to chat. Information can be updated in remote storage locations as soon as it becomes available. Calls can be recorded and listened to and sent to collaborating physicians immediately afterwards. All of these features can be updated in real time to supply healthcare providers with the most recent information available.

Secure Storage
All businesses have their own data/records retention policy. Depending on what country the healthcare provider practices, the amount of time the physician must keep patients records will vary. It is extremely important to save certain documents in case the practice gets audited or patients need to access old files.

However, when you have many patients, the storage of your computer will soon be maxed. The solution to this problem is to store the data in the cloud! Bicom Systems PBXware allows you to use Google Drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3 to archive your storage. The search and retrieval aspect is extremely useful and in the case of a natural disaster or fire your patient files are safely stored.

Communicating correct information quickly is extremely important in the healthcare industry. By having effective communication tools. the physician can relay confidential information in a timely matter. Physicians will be able to collaborate more easily and can be reached on the go in case of an emergency. In the fast-paced world of healthcare, proper communications should not be left behind.

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