IT Partners 2019 Recap Part 2

Written By Laura Kyle

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We’re back! If you are just joining us, Bicom Systems was recently in Paris, France attending IT Partners. This was our second year attending the show in collaboration with our partner Fonia.

Do you want to hear how our first couple of days went before the show? Check out this blog post.

Without further ado, I give you ‘IT Partners Day 1’.

The first day at IT Partners we noticed an influx of 3CX resellers who were tired of childish playground games where the rules are changing constantly! That is how a couple of resellers described what was happening. They related it to when they were younger in primary school and the rules of the games were always changing. But this time, they are talking about the continuous changes in 3CX pricing.

We understand that resellers feel that the price changes are used in an attempt to make things look like they are going to be better, but in the long run, someone will need to pay more. Either the end user (which is doubtful, because they have the ability to seek other options) or the reseller.

Should the reseller have to sacrifice their margins? Or should the end user have to pay more for fewer features?

Neither of these options sounds appealing. But it gets better.

We believe that some of these vendors, like 3CX, are now offering a “free” license. But in today’s world, is there really any such thing as free?   

So you sign up for this “free” license. Great!
Need support? Not free.
Want to upgrade? You need to pay for it.

Resellers are reeling in their customers with the perfect bait. They are painting this as a “cheaper option” but at the end of the day, someone is going to have to pay more. So who’s really winning? So far, we are not aware of anyone who is finding themselves forced down this trap of no return. Although if you know of anyone, please let us know so we can try and suggest a way out as we have done for many former 3CX partners.

When the end user sees ‘free’ they are going to expect free. It seems like they are offering a ‘free’ way to start their business, but they are making it as hard as possible to grow, let alone leave if they become unhappy. Changing your PBX provider is not always simple and end users are going to feel stuck.

If someone offered you free ice cream but said you had to pay for the cone or dish separately, would you still take it?

Resellers cannot win because it is probably going to cost them more in the long run. They most likely won’t be able to pass along the increased costs to their end users without ruffling a few feathers. When your vendor keeps changing the rules on minimums and prices, it makes it impossible for resellers to stay happy or keep their customers happy.

Reseller relationships are extremely important to us. This is why we believe in partnerships and growing together. If any of the above sounds like your current situation, please reach out to us!

If you want more information, take a look at our piece on ‘7 Concerns for 3CX Dealers’. Previous 3CX dealers and employees acknowledge their concerns and describe how they broke free from 3CX.

We would like to thank Fonia for hosting the booth and helping us get the word out to entrepreneurs in France that providers that work with you do exist!

If you are ready, we encourage you to break free from the constraints and pursue your rightful place in the Reseller Channel. Let’s chat!

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