IT Partners 2019 Recap Part 3

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Just as the sun rose in Disneyland, Paris, so did some vendors’ prices. Day 2 of IT Partners was as eye-opening as Day 1. Before we get started on our final recap, I would like to again thank our partner Fonia for collaborating with us and we are looking forward to attending IT Partners 2020.

If you are just joining us, catch up on how the first couple of days before the show went here. Or take a look at how Day 1 went here.

Now back to business.

On Day 2 of IT Partners, one of the vendors launched their “new” and “better” pricing! Exciting right? Not really.

Let’s say you buy a new truck and they offer you a “cheaper price”. However, it does not have the wheels, seatbelt or any windows. Is it really a cheaper price even though you will need those items to ensure it functions?

The frustrations we heard on the show floor were exactly that. The new pricing did have a better “base price”, however, they removed many items! We heard many attendees say “what will they do next??”

Unfortunately, we heard a rumor from a reseller who quoted a customer for a 60-something concurrent call system. They were waiting for the customer to sign off on the quote and move forward. The quote was presented prior to the pricing change. So, the customer signed off on the quote and guess what? By that afternoon, the prices had changed! What happened for that reseller?

We are under the impression that 3CX replied to their reseller with “these are our new prices, sorry”. Now this “new” and “better” pricing is going to cost the reseller not only money but their creditability.

This story got us thinking. How can vendors, like 3CX, keep changing the rules of the game every other inning? The rules are hard enough to keep track of and partners need consistency for not only themselves but for their customers!  

However, it seems the ongoing theme for 3CX is like that of the farmer and the vulture. Partners (the farmers) are out there working hard and planting seeds for their crops. Just as it is renewal time and the crops are mature, the 3CX vultures swoop in and pick at the crops.

If what we are hearing is true, how fair is that?

Reseller relationships are extremely important to us. This is why we believe in partnerships and growing together. If you are feeling like the poor farmer in the scenario above, you are not alone – please reach out to us!

If you want more information, take a look at our ‘7 Concerns for 3CX Dealers’. Previous 3CX dealers and employees acknowledge their concerns and describe how they broke free from 3CX.

If you are ready, we encourage you to break free from the constraints and pursue your rightful place in the Reseller Channel. Let’s chat!

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