What happens after METASWITCH?

Metaswitch has, in many ways, helped build many of today’s Rural ISPs that have supported ‘Jack & Diane … in the Heartland’. There is no doubt that it has proven a rock solid and reliable platform to date.

The question must follow though – what next?

I have been looking through their web site trying to find answers. I do not see many, if any.

As the ditty chimes, “Long after thrill of dialtone is gone … Oh yeah the light goes on.” Unfortunately that’s where the vinyl gets stuck.

What happens after Metaswitch is installed and the customer is making calls? There are no options visible for desktop integration, CRM integration, or mobile integration. There are no options for “more”.

So what to do next?

Go and invest a similar amount of capital again for the next twenty years before having paid off the last?
Clearly NOT!

Do please check out our PBXware; it’s easily integratable and packed with features. So much so that even NEC now use it.

The roadmap goes forward to a full integration of Mobile. Not just dialtone & presence, but really much further.

Even if you have only ‘one’ customer now that needs something a little different, we’d be glad to help.

Look forward to hearing from you.


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