3 Problems with “Free”

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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First off, is anything really ‘free’ in this world? Chances are, if it doesn’t cost you money now, it will in the long run. Especially if you are trying to grow your business like I know you all are! 

Keep reading to hear three problems that come with a ‘Free’ PBX System. 

1. Lack of Scalability

Let’s start with the biggest problem, lack of scalability. Many start-up companies take advantage of a free hosted solution because of the lack of initial capital. But as soon as they start growing, they are held back by the lack of expandability of the platform.  

2. Lack of Support

Just like most toys need batteries, most hosted solutions require support. The problem is, most free solutions are inconsistent with support and training. They have online forums that other users can comment and ask questions on. As well as paid support. Your hosted solution may be ‘free,’ but unfortunately, support is not covered under the free umbrella.

This was a concern for a new Bicom Systems partner. He was unsure of the confidence the provider had with support and response times. Hesitant to continue, find out how Bicom Systems became the knights in shining armor for Lansalot Limited in this case study. 

3. Responsibility 

When something goes wrong with your product, your customers will look at YOU. That is the risk of being a reseller. The vendor is rarely the one to blame. Since you are taking on the responsibility, you need to sell a solution that you can stand behind. If you have limits on growth and insufficient support, it will be hard to come off as accountable. 

To grow your business, do it right the first time. Remember, a free PBX will only get you so far, has restrictions, and free will cost you in the long run. 



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