How To Stand Out As An Exhibitor At A Trade Show

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Telecommunications is a billion-dollar industry and resellers are a dime a dozen. That doesn’t mean there isn’t enough business, though it does mean you need to work a little harder to stand out as an exhibitor. Standing out amongst your competitors on the trade show floor will guarantee leads that you can confidently turn into customers. 

Want to learn five tips on how to stand out as an exhibitor at a trade show? Keep reading! 

Give Away Something Unusual

I think we can all agree that we have enough branded pens. Although they are useful and practical, they still lack ✨pizzazz✨. When purchasing items for your next trade show, think of something unusual and leave people thinking, “Wow, that is neat!” The things you bring should be small enough to bring on a flight, not considered a weapon, and somewhat helpful or entertaining. 

Interesting swag items from previous trade shows we attended were: 

  • Stress balls that looked like basketballs during the week of March Madness
  • Branded golf balls at a trade show in Naples, Florida – known as the golf capital of the world
  • An artist who did live caricaturists of attendees 

Invest In An Aesthetically Pleasing Booth

How To Stand Out At A Trade Show

It is an instinct for your eyes to wander to something that attracts you. You want to attract people to your booth, and you want them to judge you. It doesn’t matter if you have the best product on the market. If your booth consists of a table and chair, while your competitor has a lounge area, TVs, and structures hanging from the ceiling, they will automatically get more traffic. 

When designing your booth, make sure that it is functional, easy to move around, and allows you to have private conversations with leads. While it might be expensive, it is an investment! Once the show finishes, you can pack up the booth and use it again in the future.

Use Social Media

The beautiful thing about social media is that it is free. Utilize your social channels to promote your presence leading up to and during the event.

Leading up to the event, use social media: 

  • By promoting your presence at the event to a targeted audience surrounding the specific location
  • To share relevant information about the event and why someone should attend
  • To host a giveaway for a free pass to the show

Use social media to encourage your staff and attendees to post on their channels using the customized icons and filters you created during the event. Think of a clever hashtag that attendees can use while visiting your booth. For example, promote a contest for attendees who add a photo on Instagram visiting your booth and using your specific hashtag. Once posted, the individual will receive a prize. This tactic will generate traffic to your booth, promote your business on social media, and gain more followers. 

Think Outside The Box

Pivoting off our last point, it is time to use your creativity! Before attending the show, gather your marketing team to think outside the box. 

Think of ideas like: 

  • Create promotional videos of your products and have them constantly running on the tv screens at your booth. 
  • Designing easy-to-read pamphlets and brochures that attendees can and will want to grab. 
  • Outsourcing performers, chefs, or animals to be stationed at your booth. 

Okay, maybe that last one was a little out of the ordinary. The point is you need to think of something interesting enough to have people take a second look at your booth. 

Sign Up To Speak

Speaking at a Trade Show

Last but not least, brush up on your public speaking and book a talking slot. It does not have to be an entire Keynote, and it does not even necessarily have to be during exhibit hours. The best way to get your message across, your company name on people’s radar, and a way to showcase your expertise is by speaking. There are a few ways to do so. 

You can:

  • Apply to be a keynote speaker 
  • Apply to host a workshop 
  • Organize an event outside of exhibition hours (i.e. Evening Mixer Event) 
  • Organize an event at your booth 

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