Get Ahead in the Cloud: A Case Study with The Maynard Group

Written By Edin Alic

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The Maynard Group started out 27 years ago in California as a small interconnect company. Today it is a comprehensive Telephony Provider with Cloud, VoIP, Unified Communications, and Mobility based solutions.

How did The Maynard Group find its success? Their mission statement is to “end the hassles of managing multiple vendors” and to save time and money by simplifying telecommunications management. We have been talking quite a bit lately about one-stop-shops and providing all of the contemporary solutions that the modern market demands. By following this strategy and offering outstanding customer service, The Maynard Group grew quickly through the referral network to several thousand customers.

But let’s take a step back, about five years ago The Maynard Group was new to VoIP and had not yet adopted the cloud. They were feeling the pressure to offer a cloud solution and began the process of updating their product models and searching for a partner that could support them in expanding to full support of the cloud.

In 2016, The Maynard Group signed on with Bicom Systems to take their business to the next level. Read their story at