Why you should be a UCaaS Reseller in 2022

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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January is sales month at Bicom Systems! If you have been following our social channels, you may have noticed the content this month is all sales-related. We wanted to start the year off with this theme because we believe that 2022 should be the year you make money. 

The best way to do that is by becoming a reseller! The unified communications industry requires niche expertise; however, not manufacturing your products is one significant benefit to reselling. By partnering with an experienced provider, resellers avoid starting their business at square one. 


Becoming a reseller opens the door to more business opportunities. You avoid initial investment in product development, manufacturing, and start-up costs. Resellers do not need a software engineering background to sell UCaaS. The provider you partner with will handle all the backend development, product updates, and technical support. Resellers can focus on what they do best, which is selling.


We all need reliable communication to work from home, and many companies are moving to UCaaS to save money. If we have learned anything from 2020, it is that many of us can do our job from virtually anywhere. Snow days are becoming non-existent because schools are adapting to virtual learning, and physicians can see more patients now that they can do consultations over video conferences. And as we approach two years of a global pandemic, there is no sign of backtracking to traditional offices or ways of working.

Also, Valuates Reports says, “The global Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) market size is projected to reach USD 80430 million by 2027.” You’re going to want a piece of that. 


Although you are partnering with a UC provider, you have the authority over your business. Many providers offer white-label solutions which allow resellers to brand and price their products themselves. White-label options remove any mention of the manufacturer, so your customers will have no way to compare prices.

As a reseller, you can choose how profitable you will be! Of course, you must consider market price and competition, but when you offer top-notch solutions at an equally fantastic price, what is there to worry about? 


When you partner with an experienced manufacturer, they will help you become successful. Many providers support their resellers by providing branded marketing material, training courses, and case studies from other partners. If you are successful, your provider will be too. Not only will they support you, they will set you up to feel confident about your products and solutions. With the right partnership, you will have no problem finding customers or keeping your current ones.

As we rely on technology more and more every day, the need for proper communication is only growing stronger. Be a part of this ever-growing, million-dollar industry by becoming a Bicom Systems partner today. 

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