The Benefits of a White Label Provider

Offering White Label products is very important to us here at Bicom Systems. Why? Because we want to help grow YOUR brand and YOUR business

In the absence of White Label, service providers are left with two options: develop their own platform or sell someone else’s. The first requires an investment of time and finance plus enough staff to develop and support the product. The second robs you of the ability to grow your own business and secure a future for yourself.

White label products, on the other hand, give you the best of both worlds. The platform will be fully developed and supported so you can take it to market immediately without much technical work. But it will be free of any branding so you can sell it as your own product. Your own platform without the work or stress – what could be better?

Benefits to partnering with a white label provider include:

You advance your name, brand, and logo
A white label product allows you to put your brand onto a pre-developed product. You get all of the glory and can build your empire on a firm foundation.

You have complete control of your customers
Your name and business is the only one customers will know. There is no risk of losing them to your provider or being forced to share details and control.

You set your own prices and margins
In the same way, your customers will not know the base price so you can set your margin however you wish. As far as they know, it is your product and your price.

You can market it however you want
White label products free you to not only use your own brand, but also your own marketing messages. After all, who knows your audience and prospects better than you?

You get a solid product without the work
Developing a a full communications suite takes a significant amount of resources: time, money, staff, expertise, etc. Save yourself the headache and dive right into selling.

Your product is backed by someone else
In the same way, a white label platform gives you the support and backing of a third party. If something goes wrong, there is someone else to fix it.

You will get upgrades without the work
Finally, your white label provider will take care of upgrades so you do not have to. This includes not only bug fixes and improvements, but keeping up with trends and new technology that your customers will surely want.

This is all great, but we know some SMBs will still have doubts. If marketing and supporting a product that is not your own sounds daunting, don’t worry, we are here to help. The product is yours to brand and sell as you wish, but that does not mean we disappear altogether. We will be behind-the-scenes supporting you with marketing materials, support for installations and upgrades, and whatever else you may need.

We have said it before and we will continue to say it: your success is our success. We want nothing more than to see our partners grow and thrive.

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