Why to use SUPPORTED UADs?

Written By Edin Alic

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It is important for serious Internet Telephony Service Providers to use only supported UADs. Here at Bicom Systems, we use only the following UADs:

It is important to use only support UADs in order to mantain professionalism and to have the ability to support customers. If one individual at our company were to recommend or offer to support a non-supported UAD, we wouldn’t be able to stand behind it and support it later. Eventually, that customer would need support from different parts of the company who wouldn’t be able to follow through. We would have no documentation on the UAD, no experience or testing in problem-solving, and auto-provisioning would likely not work. The customer would not be able to receive the necessary support and Bicom Systems would begin losing all credibilty with customers.

In summary, it is incredibly important for any serious and professional company to only offer and recommend supported UADs in order to avoid issues later on. Bicom Systems uses the above list of UADs and is contiuously adding more options to that list.

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