10 Reasons You & Your Customers Need a Call Reporting & Analytics Add-On

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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A call reporting & analytics solution collects call data from a communications solution (PBX) and converts it into meaningful reports that support better business decision-making and efficiency. 

Call analytics reports translate information about call duration and hold times, missed and abandoned calls, transfers and queue activity, and more into insights on team productivity and customer satisfaction.

This data is invaluable for end users, making it a very lucrative add-on for communications resellers to offer.

Benefits of Call Reports & Analytics for Resellers

1. Meet market demand

The post-pandemic workforce in our current economy is interested in two things: money & people. Businesses today want to be more efficient with their spending and costs while still making customer experience a priority. Thus the demand for call reporting is extremely high, though many businesses do not yet know what it is called or how to ask for it. Be one of the first to address this pain point and meet the market demand.

2. Increase your revenue

Selling a call reporting solution can increase your monthly revenue in a few ways. The obvious way is by simply making more sales. A call analytics add-on will help you to close more deals. But an even easier way to increase your revenue is by upselling to your existing customers. As we said above, the unspoken demand for call reporting software is there and your customers may just be waiting for it to become available.

3. Increase your profit

Added-value solutions go beyond a simple increase in revenue. They also increase the value of each sale, increasing your bottom line at the end of the month. Adding innovative features and tools to your solution allows you to increase the price or create subscription packages with higher values. This means that even without making more sales, you will earn more from each customer.

4. Stand out from competitors

As customers shop around for a telephony solution, they will start to narrow down their options to similar products with similar price points. The tipping point will be in the details, like extra useful features or innovative add-ons. Bundling in call reporting & analytics will set your solution apart from the competition and show them that your company is aware of their needs and highly attuned to the industry.

5. Decrease customer churn

Meeting customer needs goes far beyond the sale. A well-rounded solution that evolves to include the latest trends will make your existing customers happier and give them confidence in your company. A product that actively supports their growth (like call reporting does) helps ensure their continued success. Take action now before other providers use call analytics as a door opener to start conversations with your customers.

6. Advertise with ease

Call reporting software is a highly marketable tool that enables end users to grow sales and reduce costs by making informed decisions, identifying and resolving issues, better managing resources, and enhancing customer experience. The next section outlines the lucrative benefits that you can employ in your marketing strategy to both existing and potential customers.

Benefits of CDR for End Users

1. Better resource management

One of the primary benefits of call reporting and analytics is that it enables management to make informed decisions on resources, staff, and costs. Having an understanding of calling trends like peak call times or the most selected IVR options helps supervisors know where to direct their resources, for example operating with less spending at certain times and investing more at peak times.

2. Focus on customer experience

Customer experience (CX) is a buzzword that all organizations should be aware of in 2023. Modern consumers expect quick, flexible, positive communication with companies. PBX call data can offer valuable insight into the customer experience with data on unanswered calls, returned calls, call transfers, and average ring times. This information can be used to identify problem areas and develop a customer journey map.

3. Improve team productivity

Awareness is the first step to increasing productivity. Call reporting presents data on individuals and groups to identify productivity and the conditions that support, or detract from, it. Perhaps the team with the later lunch break is missing more calls. Or the office with the fancy coffee maker has higher customer satisfaction rates. Identifying these scenarios enables businesses to increase productivity and, ultimately, sales.

4. Prevent abuse/misuse

Misuse of communications systems can be costly and waste valuable company time. A call reporting solution alerts management to unusually expensive calls, calls that last too long, and numbers that are dialed excessively. Identifying potential misuse of the system allows supervisors to take action before the issue escalates, thus reducing undesired spending and strengthening the team.

While the benefits for both resellers and end users is crystal clear, the high demand for call reporting & analytics is still not widely known. 

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