PBXware Decoded: Unlocking The Potential Of Advanced Telephony

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Since the early 2000s, Bicom Systems has helped businesses, enterprises and governments alike to bridge the gap in communications technology and keep up with technological trends.

One of our most popular products, PBXware, attests to that fact as it currently has well over 3 million extensions worldwide.


So, why do so many people prefer PBXware over other solutions on the market?

Well, there is a lot of merit to the product which is hard to summarize in a few words, so let us take it from the top, shall we?

You Can Build It Your Way


The first major benefit to PBXware is its flexibility.

Many businesses want a long-term solution that will scale to fit their size and scope.

PBXware offers exactly that, eliminating the fuss of having to switch over to a different service and having to negotiate new contracts.

Pick The Edition That Best Suits Your Needs

To that end, PBXware is offered in 4 different editions depending on the needs of your business: Business, Contact Center, Multi-Tenant, and SP.

Business Edition

The first option, as the name suggests, is tailor-made for businesses, offering easy stat tracking thanks to a detailed, yet deceptively simple to read and use, GUI.

It also comes with role overview and management and offers compatibility with all major VOIP phone brands.

On top of that, it serves as a Unified Communications Tool with features like meeting organization, screen sharing, and the like.

Contact Center Edition

The second of the two options, the Contact Center edition, is the ideal choice for call and contact centers, giving you everything you would want in a neat little package with Automatic Call Distribution and Real-Time Agent Monitoring.

It even offers online self-care for your customers to help them customize their PBXware experience, a feature that every edition has apart from SP edition.

Multi-Tenant Edition

Our most popular edition, Multi-Tenant, is used to manage multiple customers (tenants) with a single instance of the software, making it ideal for Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) as it helps cut down on operating costs on top of keeping customer management simple and easy.

However, the Multi-Tenant edition isn’t without its own benefits either.

Being able to host an unlimited number of IP PBX Tenants, LCR, stat tracking, custom development solution options and more, alongside serving as a Unified Communications platform are what make this edition so appealing to our business partners.

SP Edition

SP edition is a bit of a special case.

It is not a standalone PBX system like the others are.

Instead, it was specifically designed for managing and accessing data from multiple PBXware systems in a centralized location, and, to simplify administration, making it easier to keep track of configurations and to edit specific settings.

What makes PBXware’s SP edition unique are some of its standout features like SSO functionality and its advanced search capabilities.

Your (Company’s) Name Here

Depending on your preferences, you can either opt for the default Bicom Systems branded variant or the white label option where we tailor it to fit with your company’s name and color scheme, a particularly popular option for resellers.

Your Data: Your Choice

When it comes to hosting your network and your data, Bicom Systems offers two server options.

You can either opt for cloud hosting on our own servers or on-site installation on your own company’s servers.

Both of these options come with different benefits and drawbacks, so, in the end, the choice between the two comes down to preference.

The Cloud

The cloud-hosted option relieves you of purchase and maintenance costs for the servers and the rest of the hardware, leaving those tasks to us.

It is definitely the more affordable and convenient option of the two, and thus, more popular among our business partners.

On-site Installation

If, however, you prefer to have your data on-hand and like having your teams handle server maintenance and data management internally, then the on-premise solution is the better one for you.

Apart from having the data reside on your premises, you will be able to enjoy decreased server latency and more overall flexibility in developing safety measures and other plans revolving around the use of the product.

Whatever your choice ends up being, we are always ready to jump in to provide you with a pleasant and favorable experience.

Seamless CRM Integration

If you have a preferred CRM platform and are worried about having to swap should you choose PBXware as your telephony platform, do not be. PBXware pairs itself well with a number of the most used CRMs on the market, integrating itself seamlessly into it.

How Is Such Flexibility Possible?

When someone lists so many incredible features, one would often wonder how one platform could manage so much.

The answer is hidden in PBXware’s API which is used when your (external) systems need to fetch data or change a configuration in PBXware, allowing them to work in tandem with one another. 

Master It In Hours

Intuitive GUI Design

When users initially see pictures of PBXware’s features, they may think that our product is hard to manage and use due to the many features that it has.

However, that could not be further from the truth. The UI itself is deceptively simple and easy to read and navigate for new users and veterans alike.

Everything is plainly presented and easy to read so the learning curve tends to be rather short on average.

If, however, users still find it somewhat challenging to master and piece together, the “Embedded documentation” feature can help remind them of a specific element’s function with an example.

This is equally useful to new users who need to be brought up to speed at a relatively quick pace, or for more experienced users who just want to get a slight refresher course on a specific element’s use that they may have forgotten.

Easy To Install

So, the use of the product is easy and intuitive, but what about the installation process? Well, that is relatively easy too as everything is done by the Setup Wizard.

All you need is a single mouse click and your PBXware extension will start installing and be ready for use in no time at all.

Keep Your Business Safe

One of the key aspects of any modern business is security, whether it is safeguarding their data from unforeseen circumstances like natural disasters or power outages, or keeping service uninterrupted as bad actors can strike at any time.

Thankfully, we have you covered in several different ways, the two main ones being sipPROT and SERVERware.

Stay Safe With sipPROT

SIP attacks are becoming more and more common in our modern world, particularly DDOS-ing, so it is important to have a system in place to protect your infrastructure from getting affected by it.

Our own defense system, sipPROT, helps safeguard your VoIP network against these types of attacks, preventing issues like losing call quality, general service interruptions or having the whole network go offline.

And, to top it all off, it is super easy to install through a simple toggle option from the Setup Wizard if you have opted to add sipPROT to your package.

System Safeguarding With SERVERware

Another product that will greatly improve your network uptime and helps protect data is SERVERware.

It offers numerous network safety features like multiple VPSes, geo-redundancy, backup hosts and hotsparing.

It easily integrates itself with PBXware and allows for added data tracking and VPS management.

SERVERware comes in 3 different editions: the standalone, the mirror, and the cluster, each bringing their own set of benefits to cater to all sorts of business needs, so the choice ultimately comes down to your preferences.

Store Your Data With Any Of The Popular Data Storage Providers

If, however, you are more used to entrusting your data to another popular provider like AWS, Google Drive, Dropbox or an FTP server, do not worry because PBXware has you covered there too.

PBXware integrates with the storage provider of your choice, allowing you to store valuable data from your system, be it voice call recordings, SMS or fax messages and similar.

It also has the ability to play the archived call recordings (which are located in the cloud).

Is PBXware a STIR/SHAKEN Compliant?

For all of our US partners, rest assured that PBXware is fully STIR/SHAKEN compliant.

This is done via our custom in-house Caller ID authentication solution which allows our users to avoid fees for an extra STIR/SHAKEN extension and having to deal with third-party providers which could pose a network security risk.

We make sure to provide optimal service for our business partners and to make our present and future collaborations as smooth and as simple as possible.

Do note, however, that you will still need to get an SS certificate as we are not licensed to provide those of our own accord.

Keep Your Team Connected

Regardless of which PBXware edition you choose, you will always be able to maintain quick and efficient communication within your business through a few different means.

IP Phone Compatible

Bicom Systems’ PBXware is compatible with most popular IP phone brands and integrates itself with them quite well.

This leads to benefits like hot desking, BLF and automated provisioning, making the workplace more efficient and easier to manage, eliminating some of the busywork needed.

This feature is particularly useful for multi-shift offices, remote work, and places like hospitals and similar.

SMS And MMS Support

With PBXware, you are able to send both SMS and MMS messages to anyone within your organization for a quick and easy transfer of information without being in near proximity to that person.

PBXWare even offers the option of bulk SMS messaging which lets you send out important information to large groups of people on the network all at once, removing the need for individual calls in such cases.

Make Communication Even Easier With The Addition Of gloCOM And gloCOM GO

As previously stated, our Unified Communications apps, gloCOM and gloCOM GO, seamlessly integrate into PBXware and allow for an even easier way to communicate and collaborate between all your employees.

It makes chatting easy and makes remote work even easier by giving users access to anyone in the workplace over their mobile phones, even external participants, and adding a file transfer option.

gloCOM has a filtered view option of employees based on department and lets you set up meetings with ease, video conferencing as well as screen sharing.

And yes, as long as you have a stable internet connection, you can join these meetings from your phone too!

A Truly Unified Communications Solution

PBXware serves as an excellent telephony platform and a perfect foundation which expands its functionality when all of our other products are added onto it.

All put together, this forms a truly ideal and unified solution that covers almost every possible communications need a business could have.

We Are At Your Disposal

All of these features are well and good, but what about installation and setup, or support in case something goes wrong? Do you have to handle all of this yourself?

Absolutely not.

As hiccups in the system or random malfunctions with a piece of hardware are bound to happen at some point, we have made sure to set our support team up so that you can get help 24/7, regardless of timezone.

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or if something still needs clarification.

Our support team would love to talk to you about your business and your needs.

And, as previously mentioned, our teams will handle installation and setup by default with respect to any special guidelines required by your business, if there are any.

A Long List Of Satisfied Business Partners

Of course, all of these claims may feel empty without something to back it up. Thankfully, we have plenty of satisfied customers and long lasting partners under our belt.

Some of the more notable ones being Dell, KFC, and even NASA.

All of them have been great business partners and have had nothing but positive experiences using PBXware to improve their business communication and management capabilities.

Experience PBXware For Yourself

As you can see, PBXware has a lot to offer. It is flexible and can scale with your business needs, easily integrating with your existing systems.

PBXware is tailor made to your specifications, easy to use, and comes with built-in service and data protection if you opt for some of our other products.

This gives you maximum server uptime and security, regardless of your circumstances.

Our solutions are guaranteed to improve communication levels within your workforce and help ease some of the more mundane busywork.

If you are interested in trying PBXware before buying or have any other questions that may not have been answered in this article, feel free to contact us or request a demo of the product.

We are always ready to showcase the best that our products have to offer and hope that you see the potential that we do.

Until then.