On-Premise PBX Solutions: Because Home Always Feels Better

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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You may have noticed the modern trend of companies opting for a cloud PBX solution more often than the older, on-premise method for their communication needs.

And, while there is a lot of merit to upgrading to the cloud, on-premise PBX servers still have an edge over them in certain aspects, ones that may mean more for your clients than the alternative option.

While we here at Bicom Systems offer both cloud and on-site variants, it is still important to present on-premise as an option when selling PBX software and to know exactly what the option offers.

The Client Owns Everything

With the rise of subscription models in almost every industry, it just feels nice to have one’s name on the stuff they use.

Sure, it is usually the pricier option, but it feels more satisfying than having to rely on a third party provider to stay afloat and provide quality support for their services.

This way, the hardware remains and can be repurposed for future use, or in case of a provider swap.

Plus, depending on how the client structures their server maintenance, it can even end up being the cheaper option in the long run.

The Feeling Of Control

Following up on the earlier benefit, the sense of control one gets when everything is done in-house makes the whole experience less stressful as clients can get immediate updates on potential issues.

They can then apply solutions to these issues quicker as well if they have a team dedicated to it, be it for data security, maintenance or whatever else they may need.

The ability to create custom solutions can make an already great product feel even better and it is one of the main reasons why on-premise PBX is still popular.

Lower Latency

Another good benefit of an on-premise PBX solution is that there is a lot less distance between the server’s location and the business office, meaning a lot less latency will be present during operation.

And, even if the connection should break at any point due to a fault in the system, IP telephony will still continue to function in-house.

Custom Solutions

While we have touched upon this idea already earlier, it is important to note that some packages that service providers offer may not cover all of the needs that a client requires or some features may simply be redundant for their business.

Thus, the ability to craft their own solutions for particular issues while opting for a cheaper package ends up being the more ideal option, even if it is an on-premise option instead of a hosted one.

The On-Site PBX That Your Clients Deserve

Finding the right balance of cost and capability of a PBX system can be the difficult part, especially considering how it all hinges on the needs of the client which can get quite varied at times.

On one hand, newer businesses will prefer the cloud-hosted option because it is cheaper, scalable, flexibly, and ultimately easier to sell for those reasons alone.

On the other hand, an on-premise PBX solution offers stability and control, as well as the option for the client to form their own solutions regarding security, and server stability.

Both have their pros and cons which can make the choice between them quite difficult, but it does not have to be.

Though, why present your clients with separate options when you can offer it all under one, Bicom Systems’ very own unified communications solution – PBXware.

If you want to learn more, we have PBXware decoded for you.

It is offered both as an on-premise and a UCaaS solution specifically created with businesses in mind, allowing you to meet and even exceed your clients’ expectations.

On top of the standard benefits of their chosen PBX system deployment option, it also seamlessly integrates into any existing business communications infrastructure, making the switch an overall smoother experience with minimal downtime.

If you want to get a bit more acquainted with our own on-premise PBX solution, feel free to Contact Us at any time. Our team is at your disposal for any questions that you may have.