PBXware Business Edition: A Top-Tier Communications Solution

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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PBXware is Bicom Systems’ pride and joy, a turnkey VoIP telephony platform whose goal is to make company grade communications available to all businesses regardless of scale.

It is a unified communications solution which has helped improve business operations for countless clients over the years and continues to do so each and every day.

As a UCaaS provider, the most important thing to emphasize aside from PBXware’s seamless integration is the fact that it grows together with your clients’ businesses if they so choose.

That is why we are here to talk Business, or specifically, the Business Edition of PBXware, a variant specifically designed to be the ideal starting package for the communication of any business.

Make Informed Decisions with Ease

The core of a growing business is having access to useful data and knowing how to utilize it.

Our unified communications solution excels in this aspect thanks to its stellar data collection and report generation capabilities both from the client’s end-user input and from their agents’ activity.

However, sometimes people go overboard and shove everything on screen at once, only making things worse.

PBXware’s Business edition differs in that regard because its dashboard was designed with the help of experts in the field of telephony and communication.

It parses through all available data and displays it in a simple, yet informative way without adding any excess.

The final product ends up as a clean and neatly organized GUI, one that allows your clients to track the data that they need when they need it without feeling overloaded with information.

Experience Intuitive Control

While data is a key factor in improving business operations, it means nothing without proper organization.

PBXware Business Edition’s well-designed GUI already takes care of a major part of cleanly displaying the data that users need to operate efficiently.

However, your clients also have access to comprehensive role-based management, allowing them to assign groups and permissions on an individual level to further customize the data on display per person.

In the end, this gives them the ability to personalize their PBXware experience to better suit their business needs and provide them with a work environment that they are more used to.

Seamless Integration: A Must

Another concern that clients tend to have is how well they can adapt new software to their infrastructure as downtime tends to impact operations, no matter how small.

Thankfully, with PBXware, said downtime is minimal thanks to its API allowing for seamless integration into almost any system.

This is also true for any existing CRM your clients may be using and any IP phone brand as well, our Business edition does it all.

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Quality

In terms of cost, PBXware Business Edition is a competitively priced unified communications platform, though that is not the only place where your clients will be able to save a few bucks.

Thanks to its online self-care systems, your clients can cut down on support costs while still offering their end-users the same, if not better, support experience by allowing them to personally view and adjust their settings.

Deployment Made Easy

With everything said and done, there is still the matter of deployment.

There are two options that you can offer your clients here, both with differing strengths.

They can either opt for a cloud-hosted implementation which will ultimately save them money on operating costs and security, or an on-site implementation which improves server latency and makes sure all of their data and security is handled in-house.

Naturally, PBXware, regardless of edition, has its own security solution in the form of our other product, sipPROT, offering state of the art security which your clients can opt into.

Access To Round The Clock Support

Should any problems arise during deployment or operation, or if there are any questions on their end, you can reassure any of their worries by letting them know they will have access to our support staff regardless of time of day.

After all, Bicom Systems makes sure its service is always top notch.

A Neatly Wrapped Package

PBXware Business Edition is not too dissimilar from base PBXware, but the small improvements it makes all serve to optimize business workflow and communication.

It stands well on its own in that regard, but gains further improvements when paired with our other Bicom Systems products: SERVERware, gloCOM and sipPROT.

Together with all of them, it forms a truly unified communications solution for all businesses.

If you would like to see all of its amazing features in action or if you have any further questions, Contact Us or Request A Demo. We will be more than happy to show you its full capabilities.