It Only Took us 15 Years to be this Awesome!

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If you follow us on social media (and if you don’t, why not?!), you have seen our recent milestone, That is right: Bicom Systems is 15 years old! 🥳 Being industry leaders for over a decade definitely deserves some celebrating, and that is precisely what we did!

As a thank you, we invited our partners to commemorate this achievement with us on October 13th. And, as we all know the perfect place to hold a party is Las Vegas, so, off to Vegas we went! 

Fun Fact 

Our very first customer contract was signed in Las Vegas! Joseph Poplawski, the owner of White Mountain Telephone (previously known as Dragon Fone), was Bicom Systems’ first official customer. His business is in Las Vegas, and we were thrilled he could join us! 

“I would describe my relationship with Bicom, very much like a second uncle.
I was there in the beginning, we both have suffered over different changes, ya know but we are still held together. We are pretty much almost like a family, in that sense. Hopefully in a good way. And that is what binds us together.”
– Joseph Poplawski, White Mountain Telephone 

Another reason Las Vegas is an important place for us is that one of the biggest trade shows we sponsor is held there. WISPAPALOOZA 2019 was scheduled to start the following Tuesday after our anniversary event, so it made sense to kill two birds with one stone. 

Before we get into the recap, you may be wondering why we had such an event and why we invited our partners.

The reasons for this event were many. The obvious, to celebrate, but also to:

  • Say thank you
  • Officially meet some of our partners in person 
  • Give our partners the chance to meet two of our founders 
  • Share our story of where we started, how we got here and what is coming
  • To provide our partners with an advanced preview of upcoming features and products coming in 2020

“It has been a very profitable and comfortable relationship. They really care about how we grow and the product and how we are able to use it. To not only service our customers but to actually create a lifestyle for ourselves and a fantastic experience for all around.”
– Draython Savoi, Global Network Solutions of Michigan 

Believe it or not, this was the first time that we gathered a lot of our customers together! So not only were we excited to see them, it was great that they could interact with one another and share their stories. Although the event was in the USA, some customers joined us all the way from overseas. To name a few, we had partners travel from Ireland, London, Australia, and even Panama!  

“Congratulations to Bicom Systems for being 15 years old. We need more companies that make it better to work better and collaborate around the world. We need more companies like Bicom Systems.”
Luis Ortega, Ovicom Company

Key Moments:
The one-day event allowed us to share with our partners a little bit about our company history. Matters like how we got started, the key aspects that got us to where we are today, and the impact our partners have had on our growth. 

Poly, the number one top seller for desk phones and headsets in North America, is a partner that we’ve been working with for a long time!  They partnered with us for the event too and their Director, Solution Architects – Global Alliances at Poly, Dave Finney, presented on Market Evolution.

Dave discussed how the market is moving, trends on unified communications, and communication products. He also did a demo of one of their latest features, ‘noise cancellation.’ In summary, this new functionality allows users to cancel out background noises. Once a user presses the noise cancellation button, background noise like car horns and sirens will disappear. You will only hear the voice of the user. 

Our Products Head, Sanjin Lisic, presented the product roadmap of what is coming for 2020! The items revealed – gloCOM Meeting, gloCOM Chatting, and more – are going to be known as ‘Version 6’. Version 6 includes new features for both gloCOM and PBXware updates. 

We invited Dennis Cummins, a motivational speaker, trainer, and coach to our event. He spoke about habits, how to make a good sale, and the attitude towards sales. It was a great experience, and we were told it motivated our partners to sell! 

Following Dennis, Patrice Bramat, our Business Success Manager, introduced our new Partners Program! The program has three levels, Certified, Premium, and Master, and is expected to launch early 2020. The different levels are dependent on various criteria, such as sales, and technical level. Each level has its own benefits. Some of the different benefits are: 

  • Financial Rewards
  • Business Support
  • Sales Support
  • Technical Benefits
  • A Closer Interaction 
  • And more! 

If you want to learn more about the Partners Program, contact Patrice directly by sending him an email at

15th Anniversary

“Our relationship with Bicom is Symbiotic, we love what they do and they do what they love”
– Kevin Rhue, Wilogic Inc. 

We are thrilled with the outcome of the day and turn out of events. Our team would like to thank every one of our partners for coming. As well as a thank you to Poly for sponsoring the giveaways. 

“Thank you so much for yesterday I thought it was a great day… Certainly a lot of love in the room. Keep going strong.”
– Russel Lux, Telcoswitch



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