4 Ways VoIP Adds Value to SMBs

Written By Edin Alic

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As we discussed in VoIP Selling Points, VoIP and cloud services are about so much more than just saving money. It is about more than telephony, too. VoIP is an entire integrated communications experience that is capable of adding value to businesses in many ways.

Below we’ll discuss just a few of the ways VoIP and applications like gloCOM softphone add value.


VoIP is an upgrade from Legacy Telephony in the same way any other product is an upgrade – it is innovative. VoIP improves on Legacy Telephony, not only in terms of cost savings, but also in terms of features. It works better. It does more.

While Legacy Telephony remained fairly consistent since the time of its invention, VoIP brings new capabilities to the table. Things like mobility, instant messaging, even video. Its features enhance the communication experience.

VoIP applications like gloCOM offer features ranging from drag-and-drop calling to instant messaging to voicemail and fax over IP.


Thanks to its flexible nature, anyone can use a VoIP phone system. Small or large, old or new, any company can take advantage of VoIP and the value it has to offer.

An old, but trusted telephone system can be accommodated by VoIP. Even the oldest Analog Telephones can be adapted to work with VoIP. Some features may be lost, but the value gained will be worth the upgrade.

Even companies with the very little or no IT capabilities can use VoIP. Hosted VoIP solutions take the burden of managing and maintaining the system from the company and outsource it to a third party. Users get all of the benefit without any of the work. (See 5 Benefits of Hosted VoIP)

Legacy was known for not being flexible. For years, small companies had to deal with a telephony system designed for larger enterprises. But VoIP works the same way for a remote worker at home than for the largest enterprise.


Along those same lines, VoIP empowers individual users to milk the most out of their telephone system. In turn, this boosts productivity and morale.

VoIP is customizable in the same way as personal telephony. Users can set custom ringtones, easily change voicemail recordings, and adjust settings like the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail.

Even the most technologically challenged employees will be able to adopt VoIP phones and ultimately find that it empowers them to do more than ever before.


The biggest advantage of VoIP is its ability to create an entire communications experience. Legacy was only about voice telephony, but VoIP is about all kinds of communication.

VoIP is one more data application that integrates with other modes of communication on many devices. From softphones to smartphones to IP phones, VoIP is not limited to a desk in an office as Legacy Telephony was.

VoIP can be integrated with endless applications such as instant messaging, video, or fax. For example, with a VoIP softphone like gloCOM you could be speaking to someone and simultaneously sharing a file via instant message or looking at their desktop.

In exclusively VoIP situations it becomes possible to view any user’s status and “click-to-call” or, in the case of gloCOM, drag contacts into calls or conferences.
In conclusion, VoIP is about so much more than replacing Legacy Telephony. VoIP provides a complete communications experience that unifies voice and any other mode of communication.

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