5 Benefits of Hot Desking

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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Autonomous work environments, flexibility, and collaboration are some of the few words used to describe office spaces in 2019. Say goodbye to cubicles and hello to open workspaces. Hot desking makes all these things possible!

What is ‘Hot Desking’ you ask? Hot Desking allows an employee to set up shop at any desk they wish. They can log into any phone in the office and it will have their own phone number and Caller ID. The employee can make and receive phone calls from their personal phone number and access their voicemail. If they need to move spaces again, they can simply log out of the VoIP phone and log in to another one.

Hot Desking allows employees to claim a desk for the day – or for an hour or two – and call it their own, without needing to bring the extra hardware of a physical phone. Employees have the ability to choose where they want to sit and work for the day. This gives them a chance to interact with different departments and people in the company.

Let us look at more benefits of Hot Desking!

Less Expensive
If costs are a constraint for your company, Hot Desking is definitely the less expensive option. Hot Desking allows companies to purchase a limited quantity of phones but gives each employee their own extension. They do not need to allocate specific spots for each employee and the company will cut down on costs and wasted space.

Boosts Communication and Collaboration
As mentioned above, with Hot Desking, employees have the chance to move around the office as they wish. The employee can change their surroundings every single day. Working together as a team has never been easier! Employees have the chance to meet and work with employees from across the company. This type of interaction would not be possible if every employee was confined to their own desk.

Boosts Autonomy and Flexibility
Giving employees the ability to choose their own work environment is something that more companies are adopting. It gives employees more flexibility to separate work life and home life. Having the ability to work remotely or to explore options of where and how to work will make for happier employees. Some employees need quiet to concentrate and some enjoy a chatty environment. Every employee is different and works differently and it is extremely important for companies to take note of that and to accommodate.

More ‘Tidy’
Most employees work on a laptop or tablet, something other than a desktop that can be mobile. The extra hardware along with a laptop is usually just the charging cable. Desks look much more ‘tidy’ and ‘decluttered’ when they are used for Hot Desking. Since the desk is not owned by any certain employee, there are no papers scattered, family pictures or trinkets on it. Spaces that are used for Hot Desking tend to motivate employees to be tidier, organized and more productive. They have fewer distractions and when they are done using the desk, they leave it the way they found it.

More Modern Office
Hot Desking is a great way to modernize an office. It allows for the office to have more of an open space and layout. Companies can get rid of many desks and use the wasted space more effectively. They can create workspaces that will make it easier to collaborate, work as a team, and boost energy in the workplace.

In summary, the main benefit of Hot Desking is improved communication. Companies are giving employees opportunities to work the way they want, how they want and where they want.

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