The Advantages to using SMS

Written By Bicom Systems Team

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These days, you can find an app for almost anything! I mean almost anything.
I still haven’t found one that will do my laundry, but I am sure the developers are working on it.😉 Speaking of apps, unified communication mobile applications are great for staying in contact with your colleagues and clients. Users can work from anywhere with the same calling and chat functions as they would in an office. 

Now, on gloCOM and gloCOM GO, users can even send text messages! Although users are already equipped with SMS from their mobile carriers, they now have the option on their UC applications. It is important to emphasize that SMS and chat functions are not competitors! But merely serve different advantages and disadvantages for the many scenarios in life. 

Let’s dive into some advantages of using SMS from both your desktop and mobile application. 


It is 2021, and the expression “time is money” has never been more prevalent. Consumers want things perfect, and they want them done yesterday. SMS is a speedy and efficient way to reach a broad audience. In mere seconds, your message can be delivered across the globe to millions. Not only is the delivery faster, but SMS also has a higher open rate than traditional E-Mail does. 


An SMS feature allows you to send out mass notifications to staff, students, or the general public. After uploading a list of mobile contact numbers, you can send out individual messages, reminders, or public forums. 

Having an SMS feature on your desktop and mobile application gives users the ability to do everything from one place! They can make or place calls, send instant messages, attend virtual meetings, and even send text messages.


When you jump between different platforms and devices to use all your separate communication channels, the risk of error dramatically increases. But, if you have everything on one platform, you stay consistent with your messages! Think of it as a river, and the communication is ebbing and flowing through it. 


In order to ensure you stay consistent, having applications that sync in real-time is very important. Never miss a call, chat, or text message now when you switch from your desktop application to your mobile. Being available for your clients, especially on a personal level like texting, is huge for customer engagement.


Thanks to delivery reports, messages sent via SMS can easily be tracked. The information will detail how efficient and successful your SMS campaign is and will ultimately help you understand what is working best for your business. 


SMS is safe, unlike, say, E-Mail who fights off spam and phishing attacks daily. While E-Mail battles with spam, sometimes important messages get thrown into a junk folder. Thankfully with SMS, all messages arrive safely. More importantly, they will reach without an internet connection. The chat function in a UC mobile application relies heavily on the internet, and sometimes the internet may be unavailable. 

To wrap up, there are many advantages to having SMS enabled on your UC desktop application. We are thrilled that SMS is now available to use and does not restrict a limit of one text sent out at a time. If you are looking to upgrade your unified communications application to something more flexible, contact our sales team. You can fill out this form on our website or send them an EMail directly to

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